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Lafert Electric Motors

The Lafert Group is a leading European motor company that has built a reputation for the manufacture of customised Electric Motors and Drives. Focused on the areas of Industrial Automation, Energy Saving and Wind Power, the group is strongly oriented toward technological innovation. With the target to improve performance while reducing environmental impact, energy efficiency and product customisation to meet individual customer requirements are fundamental. Over 90% of the units produced are non-standard motors.
Established in 1962, Lafert started as a manufacturer of Asynchronous motors to drive pumps and fans, the product range was increased twenty plus years ago when the group entered into the business area of Brushless servo motors for Industrial Automation. Since 2003, Lafert have combined their knowledge to develop state-of-the-art products based upon Permanent Magnet Technology that meet the European efficiency levels of IE4 and IE5.
Lafert is also strong in the Lift sector offering a Gearless compact solution for home and commercial lifts.


Efficient, naturally Technical innovation at the service of environmental sustainability

As integral components of complex equipment, frequently unseen externally, electric motors are evaluated on their level of quality in terms of physical performance and reliability as well as the increasingly relevant and current issue of energy efficiency.

To satisfy these testing demands, Lafert's capabilities are demonstrated in two essential roles

  • the technical and organisational capacity to control directly the production of every motor component, from shaft lamination and flanges to the insulation: attention to detail that guarantees a customized product, adaptable to any non-standard design or specification, to satisfy precise application demands:
  • commitment to protecting the environment through research and development oriented towards the combination of optimized performance, energy savings and maximum flexibility of both products and production processes.

Today, our solutions power the sustainable technology: motors with high functionality and low environmental impact targeted at the heart of systems requiring high efficiency and performance such as ventilation systems, pumps, lifts, lifting systems, industrial automation, packaging and more.



  • Brakes, clutches and couplings
  • Motors
  • Motors, gears and gearboxes
  • Electric motors
  • Robotics & positioning systems

News from Lafert Electric Motors

Includes video

Higher and faster: motors for elevatorsHigher and faster: motors for elevators

Lafert’s gearless LIFT motor series has established the company internationally as one of the industry's leading manufacturers. The motor’s innovative design, with its protected encoder and no external cabling, offers compactness and low weight, ideal for home lift systems or new concept (more...)
Includes video

High performance motors from LafertHigh performance motors from Lafert

High Performance Motors (HP) are an innovative range of PM (Permanent Magnet) Synchronous Motors with integrated sensor-less drive (HPI range), achieving IE4 Super Premium Efficiency level, that offers improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. This uniquely engineered product combines the (more...)
Includes video

Stainless gear motors provide double hygienic solutionStainless gear motors provide double hygienic solution

When food, beverage, pharmaceutical or other hygiene-critical production plants are washed down, motors are subjected to high-pressure jets of sometimes high-temperature water, or aggressive cleaning agents. European manufactured and exceeding IP66 during external testing, the Marlin Stainless (more...)
Includes video

Servo motors and drives from LafertServo motors and drives from Lafert

Manufacturing brushless motors with permanent magnet motors since the early 90’s, Lafert offers extensive proven expertise in this continuously developing technology. This know-how is combined with the company’s on-going drive for excellence and its ability to offer non-standard (more...)

Asynchronous motors provide a first in energy savingAsynchronous motors provide a first in energy saving

AC motors have a significant impact on the total energy operation cost for industrial, institutional and commercial buildings. With this in mind, Lafert embraced the challenges and engineered a combination of IE3 Premium Efficiency and high reliability product to service this lucrative market. (more...)

Show(ering) keeps going onShow(ering) keeps going on

Still working after twenty-four shows spread over 12 years, during which it was sprayed continuously with water, a ‘Marlin’ stainless-steel motor from Lafert has demonstrated its durability and proven its IP69/66K qualities. It has outlasted two pumps that delivered water to the shower (more...)

Stainless steel motors for hygienic applicationsStainless steel motors for hygienic applications

Among the products on display from Laftert at PPMA Total will be ‘Marlin’ stainless steel motors are designed specifically to meet the high hygiene requirements of the food and drink industries. They will be on display together with examples of the company’s IE2, IE3, IE4 and IE5 (more...)

Motors for the food and drink industry at PPMAMotors for the food and drink industry at PPMA

Addressing hygiene requirements on the production line, Lafert demonstrated its range of stainless steel IP66 motors for the food industry at the PPMA show, together with IE2, IE3 and IE4 compliant motors and examples of non-standard motor configurations. Lafert says its 'Marlin' stainless steel (more...)

Motors can combine enhanced hygiene with major cost savingsMotors can combine enhanced hygiene with major cost savings

Designed to help enhance hygiene for the food manufacturing and processing industry, Lafert's stainless steel 'Marlin' motors also offer the potential for significant cost saving benefits worth £1000s. Lafert's Marlin range includes smooth-bodied, IP66 rated motors. The smooth body ensures (more...)

New premises enhance service for Lafert UK customersNew premises enhance service for Lafert UK customers

New premises comprising 465m2 of warehouse/workshop area and 65m2 office accommodation are ensuring enhanced services for customers of Lafert Electric Motors.Lafert's new premises, in Crewe, have brought together under one roof both product and support services. Particularly important is the (more...)

Elimination of motor failures saves £1000s for WeetabixElimination of motor failures saves £1000s for Weetabix

Elimination of motor failures has to date saved £1000s in maintenance engineering costs for Weetabix. These savings have accrued following the installation of 'Marlin' stainless steel AC motors from Lafert in January 2014 as replacements for conventional motors on breakfast cereal extruders at (more...)

High efficiency and stainless motorsHigh efficiency and stainless motors

High efficiency and stainless motors from Lafert Electric Motors to meet current and future mandatory energy efficiency requirements (IE3 and IE4) were all on show at PPMA, together with brake motors and enhanced hygiene promoting smooth bodied stainless steel motors.Lafert's IE2 to IE4 motors are (more...)

Lafert sponsors local Italian rugby teamLafert sponsors local Italian rugby team

Following many years of passionate support for its local rugby union team, San Donà di Piave, Lafert is now the team's principal sponsor. The team is now known as Lafert San Donà. Lafert San Donà plays in Italy's highest national league Complanato di Eccellenza 2014-15 (National (more...)

Small gives big benefitsSmall gives big benefits

IE4 motors save energy, but there's more in it than that for the OEM. They also afford engineers the opportunity to shrink the size and reduce the weight of their designs, and offer the advantages of advanced control, as the experts at Lafert explain. OEMs and equipment users, particularly of (more...)

Lafert sponsors battery powered racing car teamLafert sponsors battery powered racing car team

When Brian Bannister, motor specialist with Lafert Electric Motors of Crewe handed over a sponsorship cheque to the Girls at Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College who form the teams participating in the IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) Formula 24 and 24+ racing car (more...)

Stainless motors maximise hygiene and minimise downtimeStainless motors maximise hygiene and minimise downtime

Lafert's 'Marlin Stainless' AC motors are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards and are ideal for applications throughout the food processing and packaging industries. Also, being corrosion resistant, they are ideal for many applications in aggressive industrial/chemical (more...)

Take the AdvantageTake the Advantage

For OEMs of continuous driven equipment such as pumps, fans or compressors, design engineers could be incorporating into products motors that will offer customers significant operating savings, as well as enabling them to design products that could be smaller and lighter.Market changes could mean a (more...)

Ex-stock deliveries for Lafert HPS high efficiency PM motorsEx-stock deliveries for Lafert HPS high efficiency PM motors

Ex-stock availability is now offered by Lafert for its HPS high efficiency permanent magnet motors - a first for any European motor manufacturer. Motors can now be despatched at short notice for application and development projects. Stocks of the HPS in standard IEC frames are currently held at (more...)

Brake motor solution for power failure situationsBrake motor solution for power failure situations

What goes up must go down and what moves to the left should be able to go right - and vice versa. Motor driven applications frequently require reciprocal actions. That is to say such items as winched loads moving vertically or doors laterally would typically have to travel in opposite directions to (more...)

Hose-down tolerant smooth bodied stainless steel motorsHose-down tolerant smooth bodied stainless steel motors

Hose-down tolerant, smooth bodied stainless steel motors will be exhibited by Lafert on stand A43 at the PPMA show (Sept 25-27 at NEC). The company's 'Marlin' AC stainless motors are IP66 rated and are ideal for hygiene sensitive applications and proof of these qualities is demonstrated (more...)

Motors specially developed for lifts and elevatorsMotors specially developed for lifts and elevators

A new gearless brushless synchronous motor range engineered specifically for the lift/elevator market has been introduced by Lafert Motors. Complete with a factory fitted brake and traction sheave the motor is a compact, fully integrated motive power solution for this application.The motors employ (more...)

High efficiency electric motorsHigh efficiency electric motors

High Efficiency IE2 and IE3 motors, servo motors, direct drive motors, high performance motors and specialised lift motors will be exhibited alongside examples of specially engineered motor solutions on the Lafert Electric Motors stand. In addition there will be a selection of the company's AC/DC (more...)

Performance motor brings energy savings

A new high-performance motor intended for the OEM market that offers significant savings on running costs and space requirements that can be engineered to match customer applications has been introduced by Lafert. Savings on operating costs can amount to more than 80 percent, says the company whilst (more...)

Stainless motors boost opportunities with new optionsStainless motors boost opportunities with new options

New options for Marlin Stainless motors are a range of stainless steel gearboxes, a choice of mountings and a pharmaceutical quality polished finish. These options, which can be supplied in any permutation, are intended to extend the scope of applications in the industries that can be satisfied by (more...)

Special brake motor helps bottle crusher break into new marketsSpecial brake motor helps bottle crusher break into new markets

Bottleworks has developed a self-contained, bottle crusher that reduces space requirements for empty bottles by as much as 80 percent. It's compact enough to be stowed behind a bar, taking the same space as a typical bottle bin, and is no more noisy than a glass washer. Because it reduces the (more...)

Electric motors

A 90-page catalogue details Lafert's 3-phase, single-phase and brake motors. (more...)

Pharmaceutical finish for stainless steel motorsPharmaceutical finish for stainless steel motors

Marlin Stainless has added pharmaceutical finish motors to its range of stainless steel AC motors. A similar option is also available for the company's gearboxes. This combination enables the company to offer drive packages suitable for the most hygiene-sensitive applications. The new finish (more...)

Fast pay back on stainless motorFast pay back on stainless motor

Florette Soleco, Europe's leading producer of pre-prepared salads recently installed a 2.2kW stainless steel motor from Marlin Stainless to replace a motor employed to drive salad leaf cutting blades on a specially engineered robot - an application subject to the presence of water and frequent hose (more...)

Stainless steel motors improve cheese productionStainless steel motors improve cheese production

As part of an on-going process of maintaining the highest quality standards in conjunction with meticulous attention to hygiene, Australia's number one cheese manufacturer The Bega Co-operative Society Limited is now implementing a policy of replacing existing conventional DC and AC motors with (more...)

Motor and gearbox package is totally stainlessMotor and gearbox package is totally stainless

A complete stainless steel bodied motor/gearbox solution is now available from Marlin Stainless, a division of AEG Electric Motors. It has been developed specially for industries that make heavy demands on hygienic, easy-to-clean designs that are free from potential contamination hazards, like (more...)

All-metric, three-phase stainless steel motorsAll-metric, three-phase stainless steel motors

A comprehensive range of AC 3-phase IEC metric stainless motors is now available from Marlin Stainless, a division of AEG Electric Motors. This all-metric dimensioned range provides complete interchangeability with existing motors and/or machine footprints permitting simple upgrades to a fully (more...)

Custom motors are at home at seaCustom motors are at home at sea

The ability to supply motors with custom engineered shafts and wide voltage bandwidth has enabled AEG Electric Motors to satisfy the requirements of Haigh Engineering of Ross-on-Wye for its HVL 'Filtramatic' macerators, which are used around the world with extensive use in both marine and offshore (more...)
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