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OEM-Automatic Ltd

OEM Automatic UK markets and sells components for industrial automation, currently representing approximately 50 leading suppliers and acting as their local sales organisation in the UK.Customers come from all sectors of industrial automation and include machine builders, control panel builders, system integrators and selected strategic distributor.
OEM offers a unique and extensive range of products from leading manufacturers. Together with an efficient logistics process and added value workshop we can help customers to reduce the number of their suppliers.
Our head office and stock is located in Whetstone just south of Leicester so we are in an ideal central location to be as close as possible to our customers. Our sales engineers work with a limited range of products to enable them to become experts in their field. We have divided our product range into four specialised business areas to combine the advantage of being specialised in small areas with the benefits of being part of a large organisation.
The Panel business area offers a wide range of electrical products for use in and on control panels therefore are able to offer customers a single source for many of their control panel components.
The Machine & Safety business area provides smart solutions to sensing and position control applications. Photosensors, encoders, barcode readers, connection systems and machine safety form the heart of our product offer.
The Pressure & Flow business area focuses on components that measure and control the pressure and flow of liquids and gases. The application areas are wide but include mobile hydraulics, water treatment, chemical industry, cooling systems etc.
The Motors business area offers customers simple ac and dc motors and geared motors up to sophisticated drive and positioning controls. As well as motors we also have a product area focussed on linear actuators and slides.


  • Power supplies
  • Bearings and slides
  • Linear
  • Couplings
  • Drives and motion control systems
  • AC Drives
  • DC Drives
  • Servo Drives
  • Enclosures, cabinets, fans and Electrical
  • Enclosures
  • Fans
  • Panel Components
  • HMIs, displays and input devices
  • Touchscreens
  • Valves & Cylinders
  • Machine Building
  • Cables and Cable Management
  • Electrical components
  • Industry 4.0
  • Motors, gears and gearboxes
  • Electric motors
  • Geared motors
  • PLCs and industrial computers
  • Safety products
  • Light curtains
  • Sensors and systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Vision systems

News from OEM-Automatic Ltd

Choosing and using safety light curtains – all you need to knowChoosing and using safety light curtains – all you need to know

There is a huge variety of safety light curtains and light barriers to choose from, but which of these suits your machine or application best? We asked the experts at OEM Automatic for guidance. Light curtains or light barriers, also often referred to as safety light curtains, are photoelectric (more...)

Round cable entries for diameter combinations up to 22.5 mmRound cable entries for diameter combinations up to 22.5 mm

Conta-Clip has further expanded its KES-E cable entry program for screwless mounting, adding metric 50 mm variants: the new KES-E-R cable entries allow for quick and secure feeding of cables into control cabinets or machine housings. The plates are simply manually pressed into the machined openings. (more...)

OEM Automatic supports local college by donating laptopsOEM Automatic supports local college by donating laptops

Gareth Ford, business area manager at OEM Automatic, saw a local news bulletin about a charity called Business2School which was raising awareness of the shortage of laptops and computers available for children and students as they work from home. Business2Schools is a charity which places (more...)

OEM Automatic stocks entire range of Basler intelligent lighting solutionsOEM Automatic stocks entire range of Basler intelligent lighting solutions

As any Instagram user will tell you, lighting makes all the difference to images. For machine vision applications, Basler has certainly got that covered and OEM Automatic is delighted to be stocking the whole new lighting range. Basler’s new camera light range brings together its (more...)

CONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle now supplied by OEM AutomaticCONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle now supplied by OEM Automatic

OEM is very pleased to be selling CONTA-CLIP’s new HYDH hygienic door handle. You’ll probably notice that it’s a little different from CONTA-CLIP’s usual offering but it’s a great example of what’s happening in the ‘new normal’. With the new (more...)

OEM Automatic becomes new distributor for Basler products for the UK and IrelandOEM Automatic becomes new distributor for Basler products for the UK and Ireland

Basler, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality imaging components for computer vision applications, has appointed OEM Automatic as new official distribution partner for the UK and Ireland from July 2020. OEM Automatic Ltd has the capability to handle technical and commercial affairs (more...)

OEM Automatic announces new collaboration with TosiboxOEM Automatic announces new collaboration with Tosibox

OEM Automatic has announced a new collaboration with Finnish IoT ecosystem supplier Tosibox. In particular, the Tosibox range extends OEM Automatic’s panel products capability with turnkey solution for remote management. “Tosibox aims for vigorous international growth, and good (more...)

The flow pack specialist: the compact slip ringThe flow pack specialist: the compact slip ring

Slip rings are generally used to transmit electrical currents, signals or data from a stationary to a rotating platform. The SR060E slip ring has been specially developed for the packaging industry. Its smooth, straight surfaces enable easy cleaning and thus meet the requirements of the food (more...)

DC motors with built-in intelligenceDC motors with built-in intelligence

New from OEM Automatic is the Mini Motor DBS, a true ‘one stop shop’ for automation and control featuring a built-in drive and absolute encoder with optional worm or planetary gearbox. With all the popular network protocols available, the company says the DBS motors give a performance to (more...)

OEM Automatic partners with SonyOEM Automatic partners with Sony

OEM Automatic has entered a new partnership with Sony for image sensing solutions. The new partnership offers customers a wide range of cameras, thereby providing a reliable, dependable total machine vision solution from one source encompassing lenses, lighting, cameras, industrial PCs, software and (more...)

Universal cable entry system for maximum packing densityUniversal cable entry system for maximum packing density

In recent years, cost pressures combined with the need to prevent miswiring have seen the rise of cable entry systems for panels and enclosures. These allow the feeding of non-assembled cables, lines and pneumatic hoses into the panel quickly and simply. Now, for applications where the installations (more...)

Quick and safe entry of cablesQuick and safe entry of cables

The new KES series of gland plates from Conta-Clip enables the quick and safe entry of cables and pipes without connectors into cabinets and machine housings. KES plates provide IP66 ingress protection with no need to specially fit and secure cables with screws. Three mounting options are (more...)

Accurate and fast measurement of level in any process applicationAccurate and fast measurement of level in any process application

Misreading product level due to foaming media and pastes is a common problem and can become very costly to repair. Using potentiometric technology, the NSL range eradicates misreading from foaming media as well as adherent pastes. This is done rapidly with a <100ms response time, to protect (more...)

Compact DC motor drives for any applicationCompact DC motor drives for any application

The EM-241 drive has been designed for the control of low voltage (12-48Vdc) brushed DC motors or actuators where fine control is required. In a compact 42x72x25mm package, it can provide up to 15A of continuous current. DIN rail kits are available for mounting inside a control panel. With up to (more...)

Highly bright signal tower offers seven colours and seven positionsHighly bright signal tower offers seven colours and seven positions

New from OEM Automatic is the Modul-Perfect PC7 signal tower. Manufactured by Auer Signal, it has been designed from the ground up to address today’s demanding machinery requirements. The PC7 offers a host of benefits including brighter signalling, flexible construction and positioning, (more...)

OEM Automatic introduces pressure gauges from Winters InstrumentsOEM Automatic introduces pressure gauges from Winters Instruments

OEM Automatic is proud to announce its representation of the full range of pressure gauges from the leading global manufacturer Winters Instruments. Among these products are gauges that include innovative StabiliZR technology – gauges with a dampened movement that eliminates pointer flutter (more...)

Machine vision and identification – a new business area for OEM AutomaticMachine vision and identification – a new business area for OEM Automatic

OEM Automatic has always endeavoured to provide quality products which offer an advantage to our customers in terms of features, cost and reliability whilst continually staying at the forefront of cutting edge technology. After several years of success and growing demand for machine vision products (more...)

Tried and tested safety products up to IP69KTried and tested safety products up to IP69K

If you are looking to add operator safety or machine protection with a simple guarding operation, then OEM Automatic says the KP or K-SS will provide the required solution. A traditional tongue interlock switch, these are offered with plastic or fully stainless steel 316 housing and a variety of (more...)

Cable entries made simple with Conta-Clip KDSClickCable entries made simple with Conta-Clip KDSClick

Connecting pre-formed cables, pipes and hoses into cabinets and enclosures can be a time-consuming exercise. Conventional solutions are also far from flexible, and there is often the risk of compromising the sealing or not providing adequate strain relief. The alternative from OEM Automatic is (more...)

Cost-effective, high quality standard bearingsCost-effective, high quality standard bearings

As part of the OEM International group of companies, Ibec offers cost effective standard bearings for the volume user, together with made to drawing customer specific bearing solutions. Products include deep groove ball bearings, self aligning ball and roller bearings, and needle bearings. The (more...)

OEM Automatic introduces Baco USB panel mount connectorsOEM Automatic introduces Baco USB panel mount connectors

The new Baco USB panel mount connector from OEM Automatic offers a neat solution for any application requring USB connectivity on the outside of a panel or machine. The connector simply mounts in a diameter 22mm hole and provides a type A connector on the front and the back side. This means you can (more...)

Foot switches offer long life and stabilityFoot switches offer long life and stability

Bernstein’s range of high quality foot switches from OEM Automatic offer extremely long life combined with mechanical stability. They are available in single, double and triple pedal configurations, in both die-cast aluminium and high grade thermoplastic. Features include: pressure point (more...)

New technology for greater fan airflowNew technology for greater fan airflow

Filter fans are used to provide an optimum climate in enclosures and cabinets that contain electrical and/or electronic components. The interior temperature of an enclosure can be reduced by channelling cooler filtered outside air into the enclosure, thus expelling heated internal air. The resulting (more...)

Intelligent motors provide all-in-one designIntelligent motors provide all-in-one design

iMOT17 is Technosoft’s family of size 42mm (NEMA17) motors with integrated electronics, containing a brushless or stepper motor, encoder, servo drive and motion controller, all in one compact unit, thus avoiding cabling between individual motor, encoder and drive. For single and multi-axis (more...)

Increased air flow and quick installationIncreased air flow and quick installation

Stego has launched a new innovative range of filter fans with enhanced features, available in the UK from OEM Automatic. The Filter Fan Plus series with its unique technology achieves a more effective air circulation and offers a considerable plus in airflow. A major part of the improved air flow (more...)

Encoders for time-critical and cost-sensitive applicationsEncoders for time-critical and cost-sensitive applications

Industrial Ethernet is increasingly becoming the de facto communication standard in automation technology where availability and performance are important, especially for time-critical and cost-sensitive plants. With these requirements in mind, Kübler is expanding its Industrial Ethernet (more...)

Smarter PLCs and HMIs now rival SCADA systemsSmarter PLCs and HMIs now rival SCADA systems

The traditional boundaries between SCADA-based control systems and PLC-based control systems were, if not fixed, then at least relatively clear, with SCADA typically being the favourite for process applications and PLCs for discrete, sequential control. But as those boundaries have blurred, many (more...)

Slim, versatile and cascadableSlim, versatile and cascadable

The new Datalogic SLIM safety light curtain from OEM Automatic is the perfect solution to protect machines where space saving and simplicity of use are the main requirements. Each unit measures 15mm by 32mm in profile, and there are 34 different standard protection lengths from 150mm to 1200mm in (more...)

Solving the problems of large cables and twisting terminalsSolving the problems of large cables and twisting terminals

Terminating larger more rigid cables on the din rail can be made frustrating when the terminals twist and go out of shape. Contaclip has addressed this issue with the innovative SRK 35mm feed through and earth terminal. Available from OEM Automatic, the SRK is manufactured as a single piece (more...)

OEM Automatic announces Anderson-Negele partnershipOEM Automatic announces Anderson-Negele partnership

OEM Automatic is pleased to announce its new partnership with Anderson-Negele, a global company specialising in the development and production of sensors and measuring equipment for hygienic applications. Focusing on control and monitoring instrumentation specifically aimed at the food, beverage, (more...)

PCB drive solutions for electric motorsPCB drive solutions for electric motors

When solutions for starting and running DC electric motors are discussed, the arguments tend to focus on simple DC power supplies with relays and switches at one end of the equation and PLC based motion control systems with master and slave units at the other. In between however is a vast array of (more...)

Scalable solutions for safe positioning and motionScalable solutions for safe positioning and motion

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a key challenge is to marry the need for assured safety with simple integration and the need for maximum machine availability. These might seem like conflicting requirements; to address them, perfect safety has to be more than just a product.Very (more...)

Multiple mushroom headsMultiple mushroom heads

Baco offers the widest range of innovative mushroom heads to suit every "Stop" or "Emergency Stop" application imaginable - all available in the UK from OEM AutomaticTough industrial applications are no problem as all heads are IK05 impact rated with IP66 ingress protection backed up by the Baco 10 (more...)

Cubic beacons and sounders are big and loudCubic beacons and sounders are big and loud

OEM Automatic says the largest size option cubic style LED beacons and multi tone sounders are now available to order. The size 4 option is largest at 228mm by 228mm and provides a highly visible signalling solution. The multi tone sounder offers a true 127dB sound pressure, which OEM Automatic says (more...)

Pressure transducers with SoS technologyPressure transducers with SoS technology

There are many applications where you might want to convert pressure into an analogue voltage or current, from mobile hydraulics to a host of general industrial installations. As a result, pressure sensors are at the heart of a raft of control and monitoring applications.There are numerous different (more...)

Safety light curtainsSafety light curtains

Safety light curtains are opto-electronic presence detection devices, often referred to as safety light barriers, safety light guards, light guards or light curtains. They are supplied as a transmitter and a receiver: the transmitter projects an array of parallel infrared light beams to the (more...)

Synchronous electric motorsSynchronous electric motors

If you need an electric motor that won't be at risk of burning out if it stalls, or that offers much higher efficiency than a standard induction motor, or runs smoothly and quietly, then a synchronous motor may be exactly what you're after.A synchronous motor is an AC motor in which, in a (more...)

Innovative terminal blocksInnovative terminal blocks

As machines become more complex and systems grow more sophisticated, so the wiring of control cabinets, panels and remote I/O is becoming a significant element of the overall time and cost of the project. DIN rail mounted terminal blocks enable simple and reliable cabling of signal and power cables (more...)

The new XC-Series worm geared motorsThe new XC-Series worm geared motors

Mini Motor of Bologna continues to expand its compact geared motor programme with the launch of the NEW XC-Series range with torque up to 35Nm. This high quality, lubricated for life, maintenance free programme has a 38mm centre distance spacing compared to the competition that typically have a (more...)

Cost-effective THK linear guide available from stockCost-effective THK linear guide available from stock

There's a new source of THK HSR Ct grade LM guides for UK companies, with product now available from stock from OEM Automatic, combining quick turnaround with a competitive price. Stock is available for immediate despatch, in rail sizes from 155mm to 45mm, and OEM says it can cut rail to (more...)

Control station range offers flexible solution for many applicationsControl station range offers flexible solution for many applications

The LBX series of pushbutton boxes can be configured in many different ways and so offers a flexible solution for any control station requirement. The boxes are available from single up to 5 holes and can be fitted with any pushbutton, mushroom head, key switch or selector switch head from the Baco (more...)

New 16mm terminal 'plugs' the gapNew 16mm terminal 'plugs' the gap

Contaclip has extended their innovative SRK range of screw terminals with the addition of 16mm feed through and earth terminals. The SRK/SSL 16 have a spacious cable entry which makes wiring easy in compact spaces. The two cross connector channels and plug in cross connectors gives reliable and (more...)

Sensor and actuator connection system brings it all togetherSensor and actuator connection system brings it all together

The Zini/Zakto range of terminals are designed to localise all your sensor and actuator connections to one area in your panel or machine. This range incorporates 2 or 3 rows of common terminals that can be used to distribute the power to multiple devices and a feed through terminal that can be (more...)

Compact motors, thousands of optionsCompact motors, thousands of options

Being one of the leading manufacturers in the 10-100W range of synchronous technology motors and with over 15 years of experience, Rotek continue to develop their motor programme.The programme covers a comprehensive range of motors, spur, planetary and worm gears, shafts, encoders and other (more...)

Go PRO - single or two loop advanced controller to meet all your needsGo PRO - single or two loop advanced controller to meet all your needs

PRO-EC44 is an affordable temperature and process controller with all the advanced functionality and flexibility you could require. The EC44 has a single or dual loop capability, cascade operation, VMD and ratio enhanced control in a single device. The unit is available with up to 9 outputs and 9 (more...)

Datalogic and OEM; leaders in sensor technologyDatalogic and OEM; leaders in sensor technology

OEM Automatic Ltd is Datalogic's UK distributor for sensors and safety products. Datalogic's sensors and safety portfolio offers a product to solve many of today's factory automation challenges.Typical applications include processing and packaging machinery and automated material (more...)

Pressure sensitive safety edge is easily assembledPressure sensitive safety edge is easily assembled

If your machine or door has a dangerous trap point Gelbau may have the solution with the NEW OPTIMA safety edge as it can now be easily assembled on site.The Gelbau resistive safe-edge system is extremely versatile and can be easily incorporated into most systems. Unlike other solutions the unique (more...)

Explosion protectionExplosion protection

The incremental Sendix ATEX 7000 encoders are suitable for explosive atmospheres. Thanks to the explosion-proof enclosure made of sea water resistant aluminium and a high protection level, these encoders are approved for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Their compact construction with a diameter of only 70mm (more...)

High performance with a quality connectionHigh performance with a quality connection

With a proven depth of research development and production, Sungil of Korea produces a large range of motor and shaft couplings. From an industry standard jaw coupling up to a zero backlash, high torque, flexible clamp coupling there are possibilities for nearly all applications.Supplied with (more...)

In-Situ' sensor displayIn-Situ' sensor display

The PM1000 plug-on display from ESI simply fits between the pressure transmitter and connecting plug and is powered from the 4-20mA current loop signal of the transmitter. No additional power source is required.The PM1000 is ideal for system commission, development, fault finding and applications (more...)

Improved paddle flow switch launchedImproved paddle flow switch launched

GHM Honsberg has made a number of improvements to the popular CRG paddle flow switch, designed to improve ease of installation and setting procedures.The CRG now comes with a transparent housing cover making the micro-switch operation visible without the need to open the enclosure and exposing (more...)

Solids and liquid level measurementSolids and liquid level measurement

The SCV capacitive level probe from Valco is a versatile product that can measure and control the level in both solids and liquid storage tanks. All of the level product range from Valco possess a high degree of customisation and the SCV is no exception.Conductive and non-conductive materials can be (more...)

Total control at your fingertips

The latest Crouzet programmable touch screens are now available from OEM Automatic. Optimised and intended for use with the Millenium III family of logic controllers the touch screens are connected directly to the programming port without the need for additional expensive communication modules. The (more...)

OEM Automatic acquires distributor Datasensor

OEM Automatic has announced the acquisition of Datasensor which was the UK distributor for Datalogic sensors and safety products. Datalogic is fully behind the initiative, and sees OEM Automatic as a company whose financial strength, complementary product range and long experience in the UK makes (more...)

Rugged yet sophisticated radio remote control systemsRugged yet sophisticated radio remote control systems

Jay Electronique's new range of radio remote control systems, available in the UK from OEM Automatic, have been designed with flexibility in mind and can be used in a variety of industrial applications. The ergonomically shaped handheld module is both easy and comfortable to use and extremely (more...)

OEM and Buehler Motor join forcesOEM and Buehler Motor join forces

OEM Automatic is pleased to announce our appointment as a UK distribution partner with Buehler Motor.Buehler Motor manufactures a standard stock programme with short lead times along with custom made solutions with DC and BLDC motors and geared motors. With 1600 employees in eight locations over (more...)

OEM Automatic acquires Echobeach

OEM Automatic has acquired Echobeach, the Contaclip distributor for the UK. Contaclip is a major European manufacturer of connection systems and other associated electronic products and with this acquisition OEM Automatic greatly strengthens its product offering to manufacturers of control panels (more...)

Big brother controller is launched

The new eCAL temperature and process PID controller is now available in _ DIN housing and still offers a cost effective, compact solution complete with additional functionality not usually found on units in this price range.Some of these features include built in profiler with 2 programs of 16 (more...)

Brushless motor drives clean upBrushless motor drives clean up

Taking away the complexity associated with brushless motors the brushless dc drives from Electromen offer a reassuringly straight forward solution. Featuring easy to connect and configure options the drives offer a real cost and time saving over conventional brushless systems.12 to 36V motor (more...)

Power and control in 3-phasesPower and control in 3-phases

From carefully selected suppliers, OEM Automatic can offer a broad and deep selection of 3-phase AC motors. Each range has slightly different features to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Either powered direct on-line or through an inverter drive the 3-phase motors offer precise control (more...)

Power network and quality meter with RS485 as standard

The ND20 meter, thanks to its design, available functions and communication possibilities is the ideal tool to control and monitor energy quality parameters and energy consumption in all industry sectors. ND20 can measure all the standard network parameters along with Total Harmonic Distortion, (more...)

Reliable hours meter with run indicator

This new version electromechanical hours meter features a run indicator for reliable status indication and has a count value that can be easily read at a glance thanks to the large digits.With no reset button it is virtually impossible to tamper with and is therefore exceptionally reliable and (more...)

Right angle - right product?Right angle - right product?

As a recognised manufacturer of dc motor and geared motor solutions, Doga have increased the output speed of their ever popular 319 series up to 250rpm. Additional features can include Hall Effect sensors for closed loop control.12/24V dc standard - up to 72V as an optionCompact 60mm diameter motor (more...)

Single phase power supply with 960W of output power

This latest addition to the Puls Dimension range can deliver 960W of output power from a single phase 200-240V input, ideal for high power 24Vdc applications where a 3 phase supply is not available.High efficiency levels are now expected as standard from Puls and this unit is no exception at 94.6%! (more...)

Enclosures for the food industryEnclosures for the food industry

OEM Automatic is able to offer a wide range of enclosure solutions from Ensto for use in harsh environments including applications in the food and agriculture industries. The Ensto production units are located in Finland and Estonia and utilise the latest robot technology.Automatic robotic cells are (more...)

Versatile DC motors

Alongside the popular worm drive gear motors from Doga, the company's gear-less motor only programme continues to develop, giving machine designers additional transmission options.The motors are compact and quiet, and offers speeds from 500 to 6000rpm with 12V and 24V DC operation. The motors offer (more...)

Valve islands are compact

Designed to meet industry demands, the new 676 COMPACT 8 and 677 COMPACT 13 valve islands from OEM Automatic are fast becoming the first choice for designers and machine builders alike.Manufactured by Asco, they feature flow rates of 900 l/min (series 677) and 300 l/min (series 676). The flexible (more...)

Electric motors

New from OEM Automatic is a comprehensive catalogue featuring Panasonic, one of the largest motor manufacturers in the world, which has designed and developed a new range of CE/UL/cUL and CCC globally approved geared motors. They cover powers from 6 to 90W with improved motor efficiency, and all (more...)

Speed control for single phase motorsSpeed control for single phase motors

Designed as a partnered pair, the MCR range of gearmotors and RM220E drives solve the long standing problem of controlling the speed of single phase motors. The gearmotor is a compact, low noise worm geared unit, with full ball and roller bearing support for the rotating parts, and a hardened steel (more...)

Safety relays at a lower priceSafety relays at a lower price

The NST2004 gives many features at a low price. This Category 4 (EN 954-1) safety relay has three normally open safety contacts and eight one normally closed relay output or one transistor signal output, with these being DIP switch selectable. There are two housings: a standard 22.5mm version and a (more...)
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