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Sick (UK) Ltd

SICK sensors: At the heart of automation

From factory automation to logistics automation and process control, SICK is one of the world’s leading sensor technology companies. SICK solutions help our customers control automated processes securely and efficiently, protect people from accidents, and prevent damage to the environment. SICK solutions and services lie at the heart of automated processing and manufacturing and lead the way in advanced factory-wide intelligent control and Industry 4.0 objectives.

Who we are

Founded in Germany in 1946, the company operates worldwide with more than 7,400 employees. The company’s founder, Erwin Sick, developed some of the first opto-electric devices, culminating in the world’s first light curtain device which he patented in 1951. Innovation in safety and sensing devices has driven SICK ever since.

Innovation through development

SICK invests heavily in research and development to working closely with customers to manage complex manufacturing issues to achieve greater productivity, increased production flexibility, or more efficient use of resources.

 Detection and ranging solutions and distance sensors

Laser measurement and ultrasonic devices can be used for a wide range of applications including gathering 2D and multi-dimensional contour data and are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, including anti-collision in harbours, traffic, security, detection in building automation, or position evaluation in navigation.

 Automation and process solutions

SICK’s intelligent sensor solutions enable manufacturers to benefit from advanced automation and process control. Solutions include: Registration sensors for precision detection of marks for positioning and control; Vision solutions  for automated inspection and measurement tasks with appropriate technologies including 2D and 3D vision cameras;  Automation light grids  for detection and counting; Encoders  for precision automated control of paths position and angle in rotating and moving machinery; Motor feedback systems which complement encoder technology by providing real time multi-parameter data for automated network communication control; Identification solutions such as barcode and 1D and 2D identification and RFID solutions, for the accurate identification, traceability and control demanded in modern automated systems, from raw material through logistics to the retail shelf.

Analysis, flow and measuring devices

From gas and fluid flow, to chemical and pollutant detection and analysis, high-performance and reliable instrumentation from SICK is an industry leading technology that ensures process control and environmental protection.

Sensors for industry

The range of disciplines includes magnetic cylinder sensors, photoelectric sensors and photoelectric sensors, used in hygienic, high dust and dirt and other difficult and challenging industrial environments, based on leading sensor technology.

Machinery Safety

SICK leads the field in opto-electronic protective devices and systems helping achieve the highest standards of protective safety in heavy manufacturing without requiring barriers or gates for personnel and safety switches machinery and guards as part of SICK’s range of safe control solutions.

Software products and system solutions

Complementing all SICK’s hardware, our software products and systems solutions are developed to enhance functionality as part of true integration into factory control architecture.



  • Machine Building
  • Industry 4.0
  • Motors, gears and gearboxes
  • Electric motors
  • Robotics & positioning systems
  • Robotics
  • Safety products
  • Light curtains
  • Safety controllers
  • Switches and ribbons
  • Sensors and systems
  • Sensors
  • Encoders
  • Vision systems
  • UKIVA member
  • RFID & Wireless technology

News from Sick (UK) Ltd

Sick’s monitoring box opens a window to better machine performanceSick’s monitoring box opens a window to better machine performance

Sick has launched The Monitoring Box, a simple system that enables plug-and-play condition monitoring and preventative maintenance of sensors, machines, processes and plants. The Sick Monitoring Box can be adapted for diverse individual operating requirements to provide live status feedback and (more...)

Sick draws a virtual line under complexity with LiDAR-based vehicle guidanceSick draws a virtual line under complexity with LiDAR-based vehicle guidance

With the launch of its LiDAR-LOC 2 solution, Sick says it has made it easy to teach mobile machines virtual paths in order to enhance, expand, or replace physical floor-based guidance systems that use taped lines or 2D-codes. The Sick LiDAR-LOC 2 is the first step in a major upgrade programme for (more...)

Microsoft partnership helps Sick’s Visionary-T Mini set new 3D standardsMicrosoft partnership helps Sick’s Visionary-T Mini set new 3D standards

Sick has released a miniature version of its powerful and robust Visionary-T 3D snapshot vision sensor. Thanks to a pioneering collaboration between Sick and Microsoft, the Visionary-T Mini packs precise, high-resolution and rapid image capture into a robust design that is both compact and (more...)

Sick releases all-in-one muting sets for its deTem4 active/passive light curtainsSick releases all-in-one muting sets for its deTem4 active/passive light curtains

Sick has released ‘all-in-one’, plug-and-play muting systems for its deTem4 Active/Passive range of safety light curtains, providing a fast-track to improved productivity for safe entry/exit applications. The compact deTem4 LT Muting Active/Passive multiple light beam safety systems (more...)

Sick “MAX-es” out its in-cylinder magnetostrictive linear encodersSick “MAX-es” out its in-cylinder magnetostrictive linear encoders

Sick has expanded its MAX family of linear encoders to extend the space-saving, operating cost and maintenance benefits offered by its innovative magnetostrictive measurement technology to smaller hydraulic cylinders and more harsh operating environments. The rugged Sick MAX30 and Sick MAX48 (more...)

A bite-sized route to digital integrationA bite-sized route to digital integration

Everybody’s talking about digital transformation. And, just like the elephant that must be tackled one bite at a time, it seems an overwhelmingly huge process for any manufacturer to swallow in one go. Seb Strutt, Senior Product Manager with SICK UK, plots a bite-size route to real-world (more...)

Sick’s Smart Light Tower sheds light on efficienciesSick’s Smart Light Tower sheds light on efficiencies

Sick has reimagined the industrial light stack as a versatile and customisable Smart Light Tower that can be easily set up with a wide range of parameters to communicate the real-time operational and maintenance status of machinery. The Sick Smart Light Tower exploits the benefits of IO-Link so (more...)

Sick offers a fast track to breakthrough 3D vision powerSick offers a fast track to breakthrough 3D vision power

Sick has unveiled the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed to offer a fast track for integrators to harness the unmatched speed and measurement precision of Sick’s high-definition 3D imaging technology. Sick says the Ruler3000 sets a new standard for high-speed (more...)

Sick’s Master Data Analyzer stops you storing and shipping fresh airSick’s Master Data Analyzer stops you storing and shipping fresh air

A simple-to-use track-and-trace system that collects measurements and images of incoming stock or packaged goods and turns them into valuable master data is being launched in the UK by sensor manufacturer Sick with a free trial offer. The Sick Master Data Analyzer is already deployed at hundreds (more...)

Sick’s Mini InspectorP611 packs in machine vision powerSick’s Mini InspectorP611 packs in machine vision power

Sick has launched an ultra-compact and ultra-powerful all-in-one 2D vision sensor, the InspectorP611, which can be set up rapidly to conduct highly-reliable inline machine vision inspections even in the tightest of machine spaces, or when mounted on robot arms. With the Sick InspectorP611 2D (more...)

Sick’s tiny Tims put 2D LiDAR in the palm of your handSick’s tiny Tims put 2D LiDAR in the palm of your hand

Sick’s Tim1 and Tim2 2D LiDAR sensors have been developed with simplicity and economy in mind to enable rapid set-up of area monitoring, presence detection and collision avoidance even in the smallest of machine spaces. With a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand, the Sick Tim1 (more...)

Sick’s AFS/AFM60S Pro absolute encoder opens simple path to safe productivitySick’s AFS/AFM60S Pro absolute encoder opens simple path to safe productivity

Sick has extended its safe encoder offering with the AFS60S Pro and AFM60S Pro, its first programmable safe absolute encoders, opening a simpler and quicker route to safe productivity in stationery and mobile machinery, together with seamless integration for safe motion control. The AFS60S Pro (more...)

80GHz technology puts continuous level measurement on Sick’s radar80GHz technology puts continuous level measurement on Sick’s radar

An innovative non-contact radar sensing technology from Sick is opening up the prospect of robust and reliable real-time monitoring of the levels of liquids and bulk solids in challenging industrial applications. The Sick SicWave uses higher-frequency 80 gigahertz free-space radar to overcome the (more...)

Sick’s sHub smart sensor hub helps to prevent machine downtimeSick’s sHub smart sensor hub helps to prevent machine downtime

Sick has launched the sHub sensor hub, a smart add-on to its HIPERFACE DSL single-cable motor feedback system, which turns servo motors into a source of data for real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of machines. The compact Sick sHub sensor hub fits snugly as an extension to (more...)

Virtual machine safety dashboard from Sick promises more machine uptimeVirtual machine safety dashboard from Sick promises more machine uptime

Sick Safety Machine Analytics is a simple new live data-collection service that makes machine safety systems transparent, so that events can be responded to rapidly, while longer-term analysis optimises maintenance and improves productivity. The Sick Safety Machine Analytics displays a live (more...)

Sick switches up to smart versatility with next-generation light gridsSick switches up to smart versatility with next-generation light grids

Sick has developed its next-generation SLG-2 light grids to combine higher levels of optical performance with smart sensor capability in an ultra-slim housing. The Sick SLG-2 extends integration versatility beyond switched outputs to incorporate measurement, classification, and Smart Tasks, while (more...)

Sick’s miniature safety inductive is a snug fit for the smallest machine spacesSick’s miniature safety inductive is a snug fit for the smallest machine spaces

Sick has launched the IQB2S family of inductive safety switches to provide designers and operators with a unique, cuboid-shaped non-contact device – as small as a matchbox – that can be fitted easily into the smallest machine spaces. The Sick IQB2S inductive safety switch uses (more...)

Sick launches compact 2D vision camera with deep learning onboardSick launches compact 2D vision camera with deep learning onboard

Sick is launching its first vision camera with a pre-installed Deep Learning app onboard to make it simple to create custom quality inspections of complex or irregular-shaped goods, packaging and assemblies, especially where they may have previously defied automation using traditional systems. The (more...)

Solid-state safety scanner boosts productivity for small autonomous vehiclesSolid-state safety scanner boosts productivity for small autonomous vehicles

Sick has launched the first multibeam safety scanner in the world to use safe, solid-state LiDAR technology to enable small autonomous vehicles and line-guided shuttle systems to operate more quickly and productively. With the SICK scanGrid2, small transport vehicles like Automated Mobile Robots (more...)

Simpler IO-Link device integrationSimpler IO-Link device integration

Charlie Walker, Smart Sensor specialist with SICK (UK), discusses IO-Link device integration using function blocks. If your job involves integrating IO-Link devices into any kind of automated system, then the chances are you will have had to create a Function Block. Function Blocks are capsules of (more...)

Sick goes flat out for performance with mini smart sensorsSick goes flat out for performance with mini smart sensors

Sick has launched the versatile W4F family of miniature smart sensors, developed to achieve next-generation detection performance and incorporating powerful new optical technologies, each purpose-designed to master common sensing challenges with complete reliability. The Sick W4F family of (more...)

Sick introduces Flexi Compact, a neat and compact mid-range safety controller Sick introduces Flexi Compact, a neat and compact mid-range safety controller

Sick has added the Flexi Compact to its portfolio of industry-leading safety controllers, featuring a modular, compact and scalable design that focuses on space saving, responsive performance and ease of use. The Sick Flexi Compact safety controller has been conceived with simplicity in mind, (more...)

Sick’s off-the-shelf modular quality control system is super versatile and reduces development timeSick’s off-the-shelf modular quality control system is super versatile and reduces development time

Sick’s newly-developed MQCS (Modular Quality Control System) is an off-the-shelf, multifunctional machine vision system, delivered as a ready-to-use package of hardware and pre-written software. Suitable for code reading, 2D or 3D inspection duties, the MQCS significantly reduces cost and (more...)

Sick unveils next-generation single-beam safety switchesSick unveils next-generation single-beam safety switches

Sick has unveiled its next-generation L25 and L26 family of single-beam photoelectric safety switches, equipped with Sick’s “BluePilot” alignment and IO-Link for smart, real-time communication, ensuring maximum machine uptime while protecting personnel from hazardous machinery. (more...)

Connected safety for improved productivityConnected safety for improved productivity

What is a Safe Network and what benefits does it offer for system designers and users? Dr Martin Kidman, Safety Specialist at Sick UK, provides a useful, step-by-step ‘walk through’ of the principles of Safe Networks, how safe information can be transmitted over them, and the advantages (more...)

Sick SPEETEC speed and length sensor looks but doesn’t touchSick SPEETEC speed and length sensor looks but doesn’t touch

With the SPEETEC non-contact sensor for speed and length measurement, Sick has added a compact, affordable, eye-safe laser surface motion sensor to its portfolio, able to measure a wide range of continuous, web-fed or cut-to-length materials down to a resolution of 4 µm. The innovative Sick (more...)

Sick’s open service for IO-Link function blocksSick’s open service for IO-Link function blocks

A pioneering open software service that creates ready-made IO-Link function blocks to integrate data from any IO-Link device into a wide range of common PLC control systems has been launched by the sensor manufacturer Sick. The Sick Function Block Factory is the first web-based service of its type (more...)

Sick’s Deep Learning brings simplicity to complex AI inspectionSick’s Deep Learning brings simplicity to complex AI inspection

Sick has launched a suite of Deep Learning apps and services to simplify machine vision quality inspection for challenging components, assemblies, surfaces or food produce, especially those that have previously defied automation and remained distinguishable only by human inspection. Sick Deep (more...)

Practical sensor integration: Your questions answeredPractical sensor integration: Your questions answered

Charlie Walker, Smart Sensor specialist with SICK UK, outlines the tools needed for sensor integration and how they can used to enable rapid process improvements. There was a time when sensors were simple switches, and their manufacturers just hardware suppliers. All that has all changed. (more...)

Sick is on the level with its CQF capacitive sensorSick is on the level with its CQF capacitive sensor

Compact, economic and quick to install, Sick’s CQF16 capacitive level sensor has been developed to provide a universal, non-contact solution wherever the fill level of water-based liquids must be detected in non-metallic vessels, tanks or pipes. The robust, ECOLAB-certified Sick CQF16 level (more...)

Sick casts wide with versatile AS30 array sensorSick casts wide with versatile AS30 array sensor

Sick has developed a versatile, high-precision array sensor, the AS30, that is easily adapted to a multitude of machine guidance and process control tasks in manufacturing and logistics. With a repeatability of up to 0.03mm and a wide 50mm 2D light band, the Sick AS30 delivers industry-leading (more...)

Sick’s PBS pressure sensor has more ‘plus’ pointsSick’s PBS pressure sensor has more ‘plus’ points

Sick has upgraded its pressure sensor offering with the versatile and multifunctional PBS Plus, combining electronic pressure control, measurement and real-time monitoring in one IO-Link enabled device. The next-generation Sick PBS Plus combines application versatility and high-machine (more...)

Safe starting points for Industry 4.0Safe starting points for Industry 4.0

“If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here” is the punchline of a well-known joke about a hapless man asking for directions from a less-than-helpful passer-by. It’s a conundrum that frequently faces production teams with the ambition of automating their workflows to Industry (more...)

Sick enables easy set-up contour-based navigation on any mobile platformSick enables easy set-up contour-based navigation on any mobile platform

With the release of the Sick LiDAR-LOC solution for mobile platforms, users can implement contour-based localisation on any automated guided vehicle, cart, forklift or service robot fitted with Sick 2D LiDAR sensors or safety scanners. The Sick LiDAR-LOC (Localisation On Contour) system enables (more...)

Sick launches SensorApp for colour inspection and sortingSick launches SensorApp for colour inspection and sorting

Sick is continuing the roll-out of its customisable SensorApps for ‘easy’ machine vision, with the launch of its Colour Inspection and Sorting App, a cost-saving and simple solution for common inline quality control tasks in automated production and packaging applications. The Sick (more...)

Sick goes the distance with its miniature PowerProx sensorSick goes the distance with its miniature PowerProx sensor

Sick has shrunk its versatile, high-performance PowerProx sensor into a space-saving miniature housing to reach the longest distances ever achieved with such a compact device. The tiny Sick WTT4SL PowerProx Mini photoelectric sensor measures just 12.2 x 41.8 x 17.3 mm yet delivers outstanding (more...)

Sick SensorApps help people to keep their distanceSick SensorApps help people to keep their distance

Responding to the need for technologies to slow the spread of Covid-19, Sick has developed PeopleCounter and DistanceGuard SensorApps which help to ensure that people keep to the recommended distance apart in working and public spaces. The Sick PeopleCounter is a SensorApp based on a machine (more...)

Sick Launches its IntegrationSpace Digital Services PlatformSick Launches its IntegrationSpace Digital Services Platform

Sick has established a new web-based platform, Sick IntegrationSpace, to be the home for its growing data-based digital software and services portfolio. Seen as a key strategic development for the company, its aim is to align the operating efficiency goals of its customers in automated factory, (more...)

Advanced IO-Link encoders streamline machine controlsAdvanced IO-Link encoders streamline machine controls

Sick has released advanced variants of its AHS36 and AHM36 IO-Link absolute encoders that can harness valuable diagnostic insights for better machine control and availability. With versatile programming options, they make it easy to integrate data from encoders into localised and ‘edge (more...)

Four-in-one flow meter promises big energy savingsFour-in-one flow meter promises big energy savings

Sick’s innovative new FTMg thermal flow meter simultaneously measures gas flow, pressure and temperature then computes the combined values to detect leaks in pneumatic systems and monitor compressed air energy consumption in real time. The Sick FTMg Thermal Flow Meter’s on-board (more...)

3D smart camera solves a cheesy challenge3D smart camera solves a cheesy challenge

Production environments of every size and in every industry are starting to benefit from new freedoms as robot-guidance systems become more accessible and affordable than they have ever been before. Here we look at a 3D vision-guided solution for the food and drink industry. Soft, squidgy (more...)

Sick launches combined electro-mechanical PLe safety lock solutionSick launches combined electro-mechanical PLe safety lock solution

Sick has combined its proven MB1 mechanical safety bolt for enclosed hazard areas with its advanced TR110 non-contact safety lock to deliver a high-performance PLe (EN ISO 13849) safety solution with maximum machine availability. With IP67 or IP69K rating, the Sick MB1 and TR110 together deliver a (more...)

SICK’s Industry 4.0 training gets you started with IO-Link on the PLCSICK’s Industry 4.0 training gets you started with IO-Link on the PLC

SICK is holding a series of hands-on training days to help machine builders and end-users progress on their Industry 4.0 journey by unlocking valuable data from IO-Link sensors via a PLC. During the one-day course, delegates will learn, step-by-step, how to set up an IO-Link Master to enable sensors (more...)

New frontiers with the world’s smallest safety laser scannerNew frontiers with the world’s smallest safety laser scanner

Sick has launched at it claims is the world’s smallest safety laser scanner, designed for easy and economical integration into the smallest of machine designs, particularly for automated guided vehicles, carts, mobile platforms and service robots. The ultra-compact Sick nanoScan3 is just (more...)

Tending to excel with a robot ‘handshake’Tending to excel with a robot ‘handshake’

A collaboration between Fanuc and Sick has pioneered new safety integration for robot machine tending that points the way towards simpler, more cost-effective and adaptable solutions in future. Robots excel in heavy, repetitive and high-speed tasks, far surpassing humans in their repeatable, (more...)

Making light work of robot integrationMaking light work of robot integration

Sick has extended its innovative family of 3D snapshot vision sensors with the launch of the Visionary S stereo camera, enabling precise, high-speed capture of 3D colour images for integration into robot guidance and quality inspection applications. The Sick Visionary S 3D snapshot camera combines (more...)

Come inside SICK’s fully-operational Smart FactoryCome inside SICK’s fully-operational Smart Factory

SICK offers a fascinating glimpse through the doors of its own Industry 4.0 factory – and proves it pays to practice what you preach. STEP into SICK’s futuristic new Industry 4.0 production facility, and the first thing you notice is the quiet. Then, you see the pristine rows of (more...)

The SICK Encoder with IO-Link – Imagine the PossibilitiesThe SICK Encoder with IO-Link – Imagine the Possibilities

Industry 4.0 promises to shine the bright light of digitisation and connectivity through an organisation and sweep away its last dark corners, so that all processes are visible, data is available, and workflows optimised across an interconnected universe. This ‘smart’ new world view (more...)

Certifying optical safety outdoors – keeping an eye on a new standardCertifying optical safety outdoors – keeping an eye on a new standard

Dr Martin Kidman of Sick examines the challenge of maintaining functional safety when moving systems outdoors. The unpredictability of the great outdoors has always precluded manufacturers, machine-builders and systems integrators from providing their customers with a safety solution that can be (more...)

Industry 4.0 – Winning by Marginal GainsIndustry 4.0 – Winning by Marginal Gains

The holy grail of the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – appeals to our human desire for sea change – a magical something that leapfrogs us right over the competition. The prospect is an enticing one: If only engineers had a magic wand to wave over their processes, it (more...)

Liberty and fraternity: the story of robots and visionLiberty and fraternity: the story of robots and vision

There’s a liberation taking place in factory automation – one that is winning new freedoms and accessibility to robots for users in almost every kind of production environment, says Neil Sandhu of Sick. Robots need ‘eyes’ in the form of machine vision, and the two (more...)

Sick UK announces machinery safety training datesSick UK announces machinery safety training dates

Sick UK has released more dates for its popular Functional Safety Training during 2018 led by its qualified Machinery Safety experts and held at convenient locations in the North and South of England. The one-day course is designed to bring engineers, machinebuilders and end-users up to speed with (more...)

New tricks from an old friendNew tricks from an old friend

When it comes to choosing the right safety relay, identifying the smallest performance improvements can result in big productivity gains. That’s why Sick has developed its ReLy safety relays to achieve a 10ms response time with a long and durable product lifecycle. In a range of just four (more...)

Off-the-shelf label inspection solutionOff-the-shelf label inspection solution

Sick has launched the LabelChecker, an ‘off-the-shelf’ label inspection solution with the ability to read and verify text, numbers, bar codes and 2D codes, as well as checking label design and print quality. Based on Sick’s InspectorP vision sensor, the all-in-one solution is the (more...)

Sick adds safe network integration to safety laser scannersSick adds safe network integration to safety laser scanners

Sick has expanded its next-generation microScan3 family with the addition of EtherNet/IP and PROFINET compatible variants to enable easy integration of safety laser scanners into a safe network. This also facilitates simultaneous field evaluation of up to four fields, instead of the single field (more...)

SICK’s high-flying sensors take offSICK’s high-flying sensors take off

Where would you begin if you had to completely rethink the optical sensor? What would be top of your wish list? David Hannaby explains how SICK’s next generation W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors with “BluePilot” alignment got ready for a dramatic take off. When SICK consulted (more...)

Eliminating the ghosts in the machineEliminating the ghosts in the machine

Machinery safety design in high-speed corrugated cardboard production is particularly challenging because a machine can be more than 100 metres long and made up of complex, modular elements that must integrate many levels of safety protection. Board24, a leading producer of corrugated packaging, (more...)

User-customisable photoelectric sensorsUser-customisable photoelectric sensors

Sick has developed the SureSense family of user-customisable photo-electric sensors – a concept that enables machine builders and plant engineers to specify from a wide-range of sensing options all within a standard technology, set-up, mounting and housing. The durable SureSense sensors can (more...)

Driving industry forward at PPMADriving industry forward at PPMA

Discovering how smart sensor technologies help to deliver manufacturing flexibility and predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0-enabled manufacturing and logistics environments will be the focus for SICK UK’s stand at the PPMA Show. SICK will be unveiling the latest Smart Sensors in its (more...)

Taking the registerTaking the register

Until recently, SICK’s registration sensor portfolio has been led by the SICK KT5 sensor - probably the most commonly-used and depended-upon contrast sensor in industry worldwide. Now, a new breakthrough in registration performance, the KTS/KTX family is being officially launched in the UK at (more...)

Open software platform with far-reaching potentialOpen software platform with far-reaching potential

The first UKIVA Machine Vision Conference saw the launch of Sick’s AppSpace, and provided an early opportunity for developers and end-users to experience its far-reaching programming potential first hand. Hailed as an exciting new ‘eco-system’ for bespoke application development, (more...)

Sick opens up Hiperface DSL

Sick has announced that it is opening up its Hiperface DSL (Digital-Servo-Link) interface to all users. When launched six years ago, the interface made a single cable servomotor a reliable proposition for the very first time. Following the rapid adoption of the One Cable Technology, Sick has decided (more...)

SICK’s hand-held CANopener liberates encoder programmingSICK’s hand-held CANopener liberates encoder programming

tool for encoders and sensors with a CANopen interface. The battery-powered SICK PGT-12-PRO is a pocket-sized programming tool, designed initially for rapid configuring and programming of SICK’s AHS/AHM36 programmable absolute encoders and TMS/TMM inclination sensors with CANopen or analogue (more...)

Making sense in the Smart FactoryMaking sense in the Smart Factory

Everybody’s talking about Industry 4.0 – but how many of us are really clear about what it means on a practical level? David Hannaby of Sick offers some clarification, and looks at what steps we should take now to ensure we have a ‘Smart Factory’ in future, focusing in (more...)

Easy integration with tamper-proof safety transponderEasy integration with tamper-proof safety transponder

Sick has launched the STR1, a transponder safety switch that uses non-contact RFID technology to provide highly-reliable and tamper-proof personnel protection on removable guards to PLe/SIL3, with easy installation and safety system integration. The STR1 can be installed individually or in series (more...)

Safe mobile robotsSafe mobile robots

Dr Martin Kidman of Sick UK describes how the latest safety scanning is enabling human-robot collaboration to go mobile. Human-robot collaboration is already showing its potential to revolutionise factory automation. Before long we will be used to working with robot ‘assistants’ that (more...)

Flexible design combined with high throughputFlexible design combined with high throughput

Increasing quality requirements and the desire for resource efficiency necessitate autonomous fault detection through comprehensive product and production data. In the area of quality control, goods in the production process and value chain must be reliably and uniquely identified so that they can (more...)

SICK sensors in prime position for Industry 4.0SICK sensors in prime position for Industry 4.0

Sensor intelligence has come of age. Sensors are the essential building blocks of automated production environments; the “unsung heroes” that enable high-speed, high-variety throughput to operate at maximum availability and reliability. So what has driven this quiet sensor revolution? (more...)

Sick says Flexi family will revolutionise productivitySick says Flexi family will revolutionise productivity

Developments within the best-selling Sick Flexi family of machinery safety products are delivering more productive and less-costly safety installations that meet the increasing demands of EU safety standards including EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061. The introduction of the Flexi Loop, Flexi-Link and (more...)

Giving a robot eyesGiving a robot eyes

Enabling robotics to achieve reliable identification of parts and objects, often in more unstructured and flexible arrangements, has long been a challenge, but the latest vision technologies are now making this possible, as Neil Sandhu of Sick UK explains. Glimpse into a not-too-distance future (more...)

Instantly reliable proximity sensingInstantly reliable proximity sensing

Achieving instantly reliable proximity sensing is simple with the single-click installation of the Sick IQG sensor. With its one-second mount and 40x40mm cubic construction, the IQG is an all-purpose and cost-effective inductive sensor that is easy-to-switch in countless automation, conveying and (more...)

Rugged light curtains offer high performanceRugged light curtains offer high performance

A tough addition to Sick’s flagship safety light curtain family, the deTec4 Prime is an extra-rugged, high-performance light curtain that is easy to install and use. It is also suitable for harsh environments and exceptionally wide machines. With the Sick deTec4 Prime, it is easier than (more...)

Are you switched on to the new door safety standards?Are you switched on to the new door safety standards?

Important changes to safety standards for door and gate switching have set tougher rules that all designers, builders and operators of machinery must be aware of. Martin Kidman, machinery safety specialist at Sick UK, explains. EN ISO 14119 (Safety of Machinery – Interlocking devices (more...)

SICK makes the safe factory more productive at MACH2016SICK makes the safe factory more productive at MACH2016

Visitors to MACH 2016 are promised a glimpse of the future of industrial safety as the global market leader SICK continues its roll-out of next-generation safety products on stand 5969. Safety and manufacturing specialists from SICK will demonstrate its new DFS60S Pro safety encoder, microScan3 (more...)

Seeing the light for more versatile safetySeeing the light for more versatile safety

The Safety Light Curtain is relied on to protect the safety of factory personnel all over the world. Yet, though the technology was developed more than 65 years ago, many applications may still not be making full use of its capabilities. Is it time to re-appraise what light curtains could be (more...)

Protecting operators with Safe Motion ControlProtecting operators with Safe Motion Control

Sick UK has announced the launch of the PLd/SIL2-certified DFS60S Pro incremental encoder, enabling motion to be safely controlled in automated guided vehicles or machinery requiring frequent operator interaction. The DFS60S Pro enables safe operator interaction at slow speeds without the need to (more...)

Sensors support a safer food chainSensors support a safer food chain

Delivering innovative sensing technologies that support a safer food chain was the focus of solutions for hygienic environments, quality inspection and product traceability from Sick at PPMA. "Progress in food technology, the globalisation of trade, and shifts in our eating habits have created new (more...)

The safe food chainThe safe food chain

In the food and drink industry, achieving a safe food chain all the way from producer to plate is paramount. Maintaining hygiene levels is a critical element in the journey through a process plant, but one pinch-point that's easily overlooked is sensor hygiene. Phil Dyas, industrial sensors UK (more...)

SICK deTec2 Core brings 'plug'-in safety light curtains to wide user baseSICK deTec2 Core brings 'plug'-in safety light curtains to wide user base

Expanding SICK's ground-breaking range of safety products, the SICK deTec2 Core type 2 light curtain brings enhanced standards in performance efficiency, installation ease and reliability for PL c and SIL 1 applications for FMCG goods handling and packaging. "As well as its new innovative bracket (more...)

SICK Profiler 2 keeps a low profile for high quality inspectionSICK Profiler 2 keeps a low profile for high quality inspection

SICK has introduced the Profiler 2, a short range distance sensor for accurate measurement of 2D profiles, shapes and surfaces that combines a high-performance resolution of 2 microns with a wide measurement range.The SICK Profiler 2 delivers plug-and-play performance ideally suited to production (more...)

Sick's miniature capacitive sensor packs a big non-contact 'punch'Sick's miniature capacitive sensor packs a big non-contact 'punch'

SICK UK has launched a versatile miniature capacitive proximity sensor with the capability to perform a wealth of non-contact sensing tasks in printing applications for example for ink fill level sensing in printing machines.The CQ4 has a rapid switching frequency up to 100 Hz and a sensing range of (more...)

Can safety come as standard?Can safety come as standard?

Dr Martin Kidman of Sick UK looks at the arguments for using standard sensors for machinery safety and the possible pitfalls.The new safety standards EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061 are now in place and, in principle, permit the use of standard components in safety circuits. So, with standard sensors (more...)

Auto-ident considerationsAuto-ident considerations

When it comes to auto-ident technologies, there's no silver bullet with a golden hammer, as Tim Stokes of Sick UK explains.I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail." These words by psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1966 have been adopted (more...)

Mighty Mini is up for any packaging challengeMighty Mini is up for any packaging challenge

Following close cooperation with customers, Sick is expanding its Mini range of sensors to meet even the most challenging packaging needs. Joining the already-successful Sick Mini sensors are the KTM Prime Inox for hygienic environments, the CSM colour and LUTM luminescence detection sensors. Each (more...)

SICK brings plug-in safety light curtains to a wide user baseSICK brings plug-in safety light curtains to a wide user base

Expanding SICK's ground-breaking range of safety products, the SICK deTec2 Core type 2 light curtain brings enhanced standards in performance efficiency, installation ease and reliability for PL c and SIL 1 applications for FMCG goods handling and packaging. "As well as its new innovative bracket (more...)

What's your vision?What's your vision?

Industrial Technology invited SICK UK's product manager for imaging and measurement systems, Neil Sandhu, to look at a technology evolution which has developed to offer the most versatile vision choices that automation engineers have seen.There are two sides to the machine vision coin: One is the (more...)

New Lean Workshop Group seminars announced for OctoberNew Lean Workshop Group seminars announced for October

SICK UK will be presenting at two newly announced seminars organised by the Lean Workshop Group, where delegates can learn all about the theory of lean manufacturing techniques and examine the operation of a lean manufacturing cell. With these practical workshops backed up by live demonstrations, (more...)

Living in a clear material world is easy with SICK TranspaTectLiving in a clear material world is easy with SICK TranspaTect

CLEAR packaging and films are dream materials for food and FMCG manufacturers, but ever-more transparent and reflective packaging can pose nightmares for the production engineers tasked with detecting them accurately and reliably with optical sensors.Now, thanks some innovative rethinking of sensor (more...)

Now we're talking...Now we're talking...

One of factory automation's 'dream' scenarios is within everyone's grasp, says Spencer Goldsmith, SICK (UK) manufacturing segment manager, outlining the benefits of new developments in inter-device connectivity that are heralding a new communications age. Humans are commonly accepted (more...)

Position sensor delivers unrivalled accuracy for pneumatic and hydraulic cylindersPosition sensor delivers unrivalled accuracy for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

SICK UK is launching the MPS and MPA, two new magnetic analog output position sensors for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders that promise unprecedented levels of accuracy and control, combined with the versatility to be used universally for machine and robotics applications. The key to the (more...)

New SICK PBSH pressure switch reduces hygiene costs for food processorsNew SICK PBSH pressure switch reduces hygiene costs for food processors

The new PBSH pressure switch from SICK's Industrial Instrumentation Division is designed specifically for pressure control applications in food and beverage processes, achieving stringent hygiene standards and high production availability cost-effectively. The SICK PBSH combines hygienic (more...)

Sensor breakthrough bridges the gap for packaging productivitySensor breakthrough bridges the gap for packaging productivity

SICK UK has announced the launch of the DeltaPac, the first ever photoelectric sensor able to detect individual packs on a conveyor without a gap between them. The DeltaPac will help production teams achieve high levels of accuracy and throughput speeds whilst reducing the risk of pile-ups and (more...)

New SICK hot spot detector prevents road tunnel firesNew SICK hot spot detector prevents road tunnel fires

The new Hot Spot Detector system from SICK can prevent catastrophic vehicle fires in highway tunnels and help avoid loss of life, freight and vehicles as well as the immense cost of closure and reconstruction. Based on the SICK LMS511 laser sensor with the TIC 102 profiling system and integrated (more...)

Direct, wear-free motion monitoring and controlDirect, wear-free motion monitoring and control

Controlling linear motion is the most common application amongst all encoder types. Whether the need is to regulate the speed of motion, control final positioning or provide soft limits for the linear motion, an encoder is the perfect solution. To determine the type of encoder needed, a few (more...)

Machine safety loophole unmasked...Machine safety loophole unmasked...

SICK UK tackles the problems of fault masking and finds a cost-saving solution to cascading safety switches and sensors in the light of the forthcoming EN ISO 14119 standard. Dr Martin Kidman, Safety Specialist at SICK (UK) explains.Picture a simple safety system: A single cell with potentially (more...)

The ultimate in light weight sensorsThe ultimate in light weight sensors

With the new OD Mini short range distance sensor, SICK says it has delivered one of the world’s most lightweight and precise displacement sensors incorporating an easy-to-use display and control.The SICK OD Mini achieves micron resolution and millisecond responsiveness in a rugged, compact and (more...)

Safety light curtains set new benchmark standardsSafety light curtains set new benchmark standards

The launch of the SICK deTec4 Core introduces the next-generation of safety light curtain, setting new performance standards in efficiency, installation and reliability for a wide range of applications including machine tool protection, FMCG goods handling and packaging, warehousing and logistics.As (more...)

New Sick KTM proves high-speed sensing performance comes in a 'mini' packageNew Sick KTM proves high-speed sensing performance comes in a 'mini' package

The new SICK KTM promises maximum contrast detection reliability in a mini sensor. Ideal for high-speed packaging processes, the SICK KTM achieves fast-paced print mark detection with short response times and fine grey-tone resolution, even where media is shiny. With the SICK KTM contrast sensor, (more...)

Small solution that packs a large punch for AGV safetySmall solution that packs a large punch for AGV safety

Seb Strutt of Sick UK explains how the safety laser scanner has created unprecedented new opportunities to protect personnel at affordable costs and how, in particular, its versatility has offered increased collision protection from driverless guided vehicles.There are few developments in machinery (more...)

SICK launches CLV610 for plug-and-play product identificationSICK launches CLV610 for plug-and-play product identification

The new SICK CLV610 barcode scanner with the fieldbus module meets the need for easy-to-install and cost-effective product identification in storage, product handling and conveying. Developed in close collaboration with warehouse and logistics customers, the SICK CLV610, combined with the CDF600-2 (more...)

Sick launches next-generation ultrasonic fork sensorsSick launches next-generation ultrasonic fork sensors

Transparent labels and substrates pose no problems for the new SICK UF Next fork sensor which uses ultrasonics to sense label position precisely whether clear, opaque, with coloured or printed designs, different web materials or even foils and metallics. The versatility of the improved design is (more...)

Stopping danger in timeStopping danger in time

Seb Strutt, safety specialist at Sick UK examines how machine designers can remove the uncertainty in determining the safe stop time of a potentially hazardous movement.On any machine or automated process, expert analysis of the operation will identify movements which comprise the key elements of a (more...)

Ethernet encoders deliver new levels of monitoring and controlEthernet encoders deliver new levels of monitoring and control

Absolute encoders are the unsung workhorses of factory operations, essential to the fine control of automated and rotating axis machinery. Now, product innovations from SICK have delivered design and connectivity improvements which promise to improve production control and plant availability through (more...)

RFID beats the heavy metal bluesRFID beats the heavy metal blues

Accurate tracking of high-value, costly items through a production or warehouse process is becoming an increasingly common requirement. Tim Stokes of SICK UK looks at what this means in practice.Tracking errors are the gremlins that can undermine the logistics of a bespoke manufacturing operation. (more...)

Registration sensors

The new SICK Registration Sensor Catalogue is a guide to the company's comprehensive choice of sensors for contrast, colour, luminescence, fork and array applications. (more...)

The quiet revolutionThe quiet revolution

A quiet digital revolution in the control and application of brushless servo motors and drives is promising a step-change in technology and could be accepted as a new industry standard.The benefits of a new, completely, digital communications protocol for carrying servo data from the motor to the (more...)

Distance positioning sensor achieves new levels of accuracyDistance positioning sensor achieves new levels of accuracy

SICK UK has launched its next-generation laser distance measurement sensor, DL100 Hi, achieving best-in-class levels of accuracy over greater distances for positioning and control in fast-moving environments.The high performance of the DL100Hi can help achieve cost and operating efficiencies in (more...)

15 minutes of safety15 minutes of safety

A 15 minute visit to SICK UK's stand could be a safe bet for engineers wanting an insight into new Functional Safety regulations. SICK is holding regular 15-minute 'walk-throughs' of the new machinery safety standards BS EN13849-1 & 2 for Safety Related Control Systems and the SISTEMA software (more...)

3D imaging in harsh industrial environments3D imaging in harsh industrial environments

The Ranger and Ruler high speed 3D cameras from SICK meet the needs of advanced applications and tough industrial environments. The cameras measure 3D object shape at high speed and quality whilst at the same time measuring other object features such as grey scale and laser scatter (MultiScan). (more...)

Encoder interface for SIL3 safetyEncoder interface for SIL3 safety

SICK (UK) has introduced Hiperface DSL, a fully digital encoder feedback interface with both SIL2 and SIL3 safety capability for the communication of feedback data from brushless servo motors to associated drive electronics. The Hiperface DSL data protocol has been designed to carry comprehensive (more...)

Compact laser scanner suited to detection and sorting applicationsCompact laser scanner suited to detection and sorting applications

For anyone who hasn't come across SICK's LIDAR products, they are effectively optical radar systems, sending out light and measuring the time taken for any light that hits an object to come back. It can thus provide object detection information in a range of applications. Complementing the original (more...)

Jaguar gets Machinery Directive compliant with SICK seminarsJaguar gets Machinery Directive compliant with SICK seminars

Luxury car manufacturer, Jaguar, turned to leading international sensor and sensing systems manufacturer, SICK (UK), to help ensure production safety at its Castle Bromwich facility is compliant with the new Machinery Directive.The first of the company's six core values, safety is of the highest (more...)

Light curtain widens safety applicationsLight curtain widens safety applications

SICK is extending the benefits of its innovative miniTwin light curtain technology to a much wider audience, with the launch of the miniTwin 2, a cost-effective solution that meets level 'd' SIL2 safety requirements. This latest addition to the miniTwin family incorporates sender and receiver (more...)

Sick launches machinery directive compliance seminarsSick launches machinery directive compliance seminars

SICK has developed two one-day seminars to give managers, engineers, OEMs and end users the tools needed to comply with the new Machinery Directive. The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, which came into effect on 29th December 2009, provides the regulatory basis for the harmonisation of the essential (more...)

Breaking new safety barriersBreaking new safety barriers

Award-winning design technology from SICK UK is extending the frontiers of light curtain safety performance to wide new applications with the launch of the miniTwin 4. For the first time, sender and receiver elements are combined in a single miniature housing and the miniTwin 4 achieves continuous (more...)

SICK launches industrial instrument divisionSICK launches industrial instrument division

SICK UK is marking the launch of its new Industrial Instrument Division with the unveiling of two flagship level and pressure sensors. The LFV200 vibrating level sensor and PHT pressure transmitters are the first to be released from the new division which will offer a comprehensive range of level, (more...)

SICK selection guide to encoders

SICK UK has launched a new interactive guide to encoder selection to assist specifiers and design engineers to choose the correct type and technology to match their application needs.The SICK Selection Guide for Encoders is downloadable as an interactive pdf from The guide explains the (more...)

Seeing the light

In the July 2009 issue of Industrial Technology, Tim Stokes, laser sensor product manager at SICK UK reviews the latest developments in laser sensing technology and the alternative technologies bringing new performance options to engineers across industry.Why not register to receive your own copy of (more...)

Machine vision guide demystifies the future of automation

Machine vision is the new must-have technology for improving automated handling and processing but there are many misconceptions about what it can do, and how it is most effectively used. Now SICK has published an essential 'Introduction to Machine Vision' to provide engineers with insight into best (more...)

Seeing in 3D is believing

The development of 3D vision technology has opened up new frontiers for manufacturers to improve efficiency, quality control and defect detection through radically-improved visualisation and recognition capabilities. In the March 2009 issue of Industrial Technology, David Hannaby from SICK UK (more...)

Publication from SICK highlights six steps to a safe machine

With the imminent changes to the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations (29/12/2009), and the new standards which are superseding BS EN 954-1, SICK (UK) is concerned that manufacturers, design and production engineers and safety managers will get overwhelmed by \'standards speak\' and lose sight (more...)

Hands-on first steps in the new safety regimeHands-on first steps in the new safety regime

In the January 2009 issue of Industrial Technology, Iain Smith and Seb Strutt of SICK (UK) look at ways to get you out of the lecture room and onto the factory floor. Why not register to receive a regular copy of the magazine or to download a PDF of the issue. (more...)

Replacing the rotary switch with a 'program-in-a-plug'

The UE410 FlexiSOFT from Sick is a DIN-rail mounted, software-based modular safety controller for applications that require more sophistication than basic safety relays but do not require the complexity of a full-scale safety PLC. The UE410 FlexiSOFT is a development of the well established UE410 (more...)

Gateways designed to ease integration

Engineers responsible for machine safety do not want solutions based on proprietary islands of automation, but open and inclusive concepts with a high level of sensor, controller and application competence, taking time-related and global dimensions into account - namely the entire machine life cycle (more...)

One more dimension, multiple possibilities

When it comes to vision technology, the latest 3D systems are opening up a whole new dimension. In the May 2007 issue, we ask David Hannaby of SICK UK for his insight on the topic. (more...)

IP67 safety controllerIP67 safety controller

SICK UK has introduced the UE44X7 field mountable controller for standalone and networked applications. The units are perfect for discrete machines or as part of a multiple zone process line that requires complex function block logic. A big bonus is that the configuration software is free, and based (more...)

Amateur astronomer plans to map galaxy's structureAmateur astronomer plans to map galaxy's structure

Should you happen to come across John McKay's house, high in the hills above Settle, North Yorkshire, you might think that you had stumbled into a scene from 'Last of the Summer Wine'. In a field behind the house you will find a strange, dish-shaped construction and perhaps a retired gentleman or (more...)

Flexible laser safety solutionFlexible laser safety solution

Claimed to be the smallest device of its type in the world, the new S300 from Sick UK is a flexible safety solution for monitoring small hazardous areas. With a maximum protective field radius of 2m and a full overview of 270deg, this compact and reliable safety laser scanner can economically (more...)

Improving on traditional resolversImproving on traditional resolvers

The new SEK52 capacitive encoder from SICK UK is set to have a profound impact within all industries and applications that employ brushless servo technology. Not only does it offer 16 times the resolution of a standard resolver, but it does so at a competitive price. Other features which set the (more...)

Stainless sensors for washdown applicationsStainless sensors for washdown applications

Sick reports that its Inox series stainless steel proximity sensors have been specifically designed for meat processing, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where high pressure, caustic washdown is the norm. With a one-piece V4A stainless housing (including the sensor face) and an enclosure (more...)

Going into HiperdriveGoing into Hiperdrive

The Hiperdrive (Highly Integrated Performance Drive) from Sick is claimed to provide precision, repeatability and a high level of operating reliability in positioning applications, resulting in fewer rejects and greater product and process quality. The integrated positioning drive comprises a motor, (more...)

Safety solution for DeviceNetSafety solution for DeviceNet

Sick has launched a DeviceNet-compatible, SIL3-rated safety system that is flexible and expandable and provides distributed network I/O. With all of the elements for a safety system, users can take advantage of full component synergy and a single source of supply for hardware, services and support. (more...)

Ultrasonic sensors in a standard packageUltrasonic sensors in a standard package

The UC12 from Sick is a sensor that delivers all the power of ultrasonic detection within the same enclosure as the company’s popular W12 photoelectric sensor. The same user-friendly features are also present, in the form of a simple teach-in process and a connection plug which can be rotated (more...)

Profibus node for light grid

Sick has launched a new version of its highly flexible Modular Light Grid (MLG). The new model, which incorporates a Profibus node within the sensors housing, removes the need for an external Profibus gateway, which Sick reckons will save users around 140. Aimed at those already operating a (more...)

Sensors keep conveyors on trackSensors keep conveyors on track

Utilising novel Mini-Disc technology, the new DKV 60 from Sick is an extremely robust measuring wheel encoder that can help to guarantee continuous material flow. It does so by either monitoring the speed of conveyors or by tracking the position of a product as it moves along a conveyor. With a (more...)
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