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A key ingredient in the world’s smartest kitchen
Minitec UK was recently involved in the realisation of an innovative and intelligent smart kitchen design. World-renowned designer, Johnny Grey, and expert in ageing, Peter Gore, designed a multigenerational kitchen to meet the needs of age-spanning families around the world. Minitec’s (more...)
Ensuring greater safety in production processes
Black and yellow hatching is a striking feature that makes the new Warning and Protective Profile D30 R28-90° from the Item Lean Production Building Kit System impossible to miss. The profile offers maximum protection for people, frames and transported goods at exposed areas and in hazardous (more...)
Construction site robot ready for outer space
In the building of Chiron, a new breed of construction robot, eight mechanical engineering, two electrical engineering and three systems engineering students have put their theoretical knowledge into practice. profiles from item provide key to the project. Chiron is a construction robot capable of (more...)
System for filling cardboard boxes
MK Profile Systems was faced with a request from a cosmetics company to design and provide a comprehensive modular system for loading product into boxes whilst still maintaining hygiene requirements. The design had to account for a box filling machine for different tube formats with a capacity of (more...)
Screens protect against droplets
RK Rose+Krieger (part of the international Phoenix Mecano group of companies) has developed a droplet protection system. It’s been designed to protect staff at point of sale in open-plan offices and reception areas. Based around a 700 x 800mm plastic panel and aluminium tubes, the design can (more...)
RK Rose & Krieger
Height-adjustable monitor floor stand
With the new height-adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its RK monitor holder product range to include a robust, ergonomic standing workstation for industry. The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a stable triple column system and can be adjusted conveniently (more...)
KJN launches new online shop
Anyone looking for aluminium profiles and accessories should visit the new online shop launched by KJN. With an improved design and layout, and enhanced functionality, you can view orders, track your order, look at the history of your ordering and reorder any given parts. The site’s new (more...)
Bicycle testing technology ensures cyclists’ safety
One of the leading providers of bicycle testing technology is EFBE Prüftechnik from Waltrop, Germany. When building its test stands, EFBE makes the most of the stability that aluminium construction profiles offer. With strict regulations covering their manufacture, it is critical to know how (more...)
Profile system for cleanroom environments
Working under cleanroom conditions has largely become the industry standard in the fields of electrical and medical technology as well as in the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries. Due to the increased use of microelectronics in the automotive sector and the resulting rise in demands (more...)
Safety by design
Bosch Rexroth's modular aluminium profile system (MGE) has been designed to help operators and equipment manufacturers to design assembly lines that meet exacting safety requirements and critical tolerances. With the Rexroth online design tool MTPro, safety calculations are easily available to hand. (more...)
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