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New safety-first adhesives with uncompromised performance
Under its flagship brand Loctite, Henkel is introducing a new adhesive for the assembly of small components and quick maintenance repairs as well as highlighting several products with new capabilities. These developments span different technologies but a key focus will be on instant component (more...)
New light curable adhesive withstands repeated sterilisation
Intertronics now offers Dymax MD 1040-M, a new versatile autoclave resistant medical device adhesive, coating, and encapsulant. Resistant to numerous cycles of sterilisation, 1040-M is suitable for consideration in a range of medical devices and surgical tools. This light curable material cures in (more...)
Retained detent pins now include loss prevention mechanism
A new range of detent pins with permanently attached lanyards has been released to increase machine safety and meet EU machinery directives. WDS Components’ new retained detent pin range covers a wide range of sizes and styles, with the lanyard increasing safety and reducing the cost of (more...)
Flame-retardant Henkel adhesives used on industry-first spandrel panels
Speedpanel, part of the Speedclad group of businesses, has developed a range of insulated composite spandrel panels that provide both extremely quick building encapsulation and fire-retardant properties in accordance with the latest regulations. Notably, the company worked in close liaison with (more...)
How to select the proper pin for your application
Spirol has published a white paper looking at the design considerations for the specification of press-fit pins. Ideally, the design engineer selects a pin that is simple to assemble, provides the desired performance for the intended lifetime of the assembly, and that yields the lowest overall cost (more...)
Electric lock from Magnet Schultz is compliant with Lifts Directive
Magnet Schultz has developed an electric lock expressly designed for secure passenger lift applications. The lock complies with the stringent requirements of the 2014/33/EU Lifts Directive. While the Type Approved Lift Lock (TALL) from the Magnet Schultz engineering team includes new features, the (more...)
Belzona adds first epoxy structural adhesive to its polymeric portfolio
Belzona has expanded its product offering with a new high-performance structural epoxy adhesive, Belzona 7311. This cold bonding adhesive has been optimised for structural bonding applications subject to cyclic and repeated load where high mechanical strength, cleavage, shear and fatigue resistance (more...)
Simplicity meets flexibility in a new automated screwdriving solution
For a human operator, screwdriving is a dull, repetitive and non-ergonomic task. But, for manufacturers it's a crucial process that can have a significant bearing on the quality and durability of the end product. Automating the process is the obvious answer and a new collaborative robotic (more...)
The current view on electrically conductive adhesives
Electrically conductive adhesives are now commonplace and have contributed immensely to the micro design of everyday consumer electronic devices. The likes of iPads, mobile phones, medical devices, flexible PCBs, wearable conductive clothing, RFID tagging and RFI shielding are just some common (more...)
New retaining rings meet high-speed rotational needs
In response to the higher rotational capacity requirements of modern applications, in automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing, leading fastening and fixings provider TFC is now offering Smalley Revolox self-locking retaining rings. With a dimple and slot design, TFC says the patented (more...)
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