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ABB robot controllers offer faster, scalable, more energy efficient manufacturing
To meet the demand for faster, more efficient production, ABB is adding two new members to its OmniCore controller family. Available for a range of robots across ABB’s portfolio, the company says the new E10 and V250XT controllers offer best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent (more...)
Shared programming environment brings robot and CNC technologies together
The last five decades have seen tremendous advances both in robotics and in CNC machining centre technology. In recent years manufacturers have begun reaping the benefits of bringing these two technologies together and robot tending of CNC machines is already helping to improve productivity for many (more...)
Cobot innovation resolves redeployment challenge
Omron has developed a fast redeployment solution for machine tending collaborative robots. The mobile cobot workstation addresses the issue of under-utilisation that can render automation unviable for high product mix manufacturers and SMEs. By enabling cobots to be redeployed on different tasks (more...)
Trio launches SCARA robot range at SPS
Motion-first automation control manufacturer, Trio Motion Technology, has launched a robot range that it says provides machine builders with a fully integrated control solution. The launch gives OEMs high performance robot control, motion control, and machine automation from a single controller. (more...)
Maintaining the benefits from your investments in robotics
With robots now an essential element in many manufacturing facilities, users are benefiting from the increases in productivity, quality and consistency which these systems deliver. The high levels of reliability and uptime associated with robot systems however can sometimes lead to complacency when (more...)
New products extend the application flexibility of AMR
ROEQ mobile robotic equipment allows RARUK Automation to team its range of MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMR) with handling accessories to meet customers’ individual application needs. AMRs can be customised with bins, racks, lifts and conveyors and several new products have now been added to (more...)
What to consider when automating production processes with robots
Anyone planning to move towards a smart factory needs to choose carefully when considering possible robotic solutions. Should it be an industrial robot or a collaborative robot (cobot)? The answer will depend on your specific needs. The World Robotics 2020 Industrial Robots Report has stated an (more...)
Automating the plastics industry
One of the biggest challenges for robotics manufacturers is the perception that the technology is here to take the jobs of humans – but that is simply not the case. Unfortunately, the notion that automation poses a threat to jobs often overshadows the potential benefits of investing in the (more...)
Plastic versus metal cobot clamps
In this latest video from Igus, you can see the comparison between the assembly time of an Igus plastic cobot clamp and the metal version. The metal clamp can sometimes be the better option when there is a faster motion, so Igus offers both options. (more...)
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Enhancing robot flexibility with the new gripper ecosystem
The increasing number of robots, both industrial and collaborative types, being deployed within our manufacturing facilities highlights the growing demand across multiple industry sectors for flexibility within their production lines. The new Match Gripper Ecosystem available from Zimmer Group (more...)
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