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Springing into action saves the day for automotive tier one
William Hughes has come to the aid of a leading automotive seat manufacturer. The order, which was for seat frames and trim wires, comprised a number of different complex parts, all of which would see use in five different vehicles types, including SUVs and saloons. In addition to bending and (more...)
Boxing clever with spot welded tray assembly
William Hughes has come to the aid of an automotive seat manufacturer, providing a spot welded grid assembly to complete an under-seat storage unit for a market leading city van. Such an intricate part had to meet stringent criteria for robustness and aesthetics, while assuring ease of integration (more...)
Brandauer looks to put Southern Manufacturing & Electronics under the Micron
A leading stamping and presswork specialist is proving that the best things in manufacturing come in small packages. Brandauer has invested heavily in new high-speed presses, ancillaries, grinding machines and the latest laser inspection equipment for the production of stamped metal components. (more...)
Brandauer & Co
New Elesa retained clamping screws for equipment assembly
The new Elesa GN 653.2 retained screws with knurled grip knob provide an elegant solution to problems of mounting/demounting brackets, components, instruments etc. for rapid removal without the risk of losing the clamping knob in the process. This is a common requirement in Food and Medical (more...)
Problem solving by design
Spirolox Retaining Rings, in their various different forms, solve problems for design engineers in many applications across numerous industry sectors. Simon Ward of TFC looks at typical design considerations for these products. The most significant features of Spirolox Retaining Rings are that (more...)
Spirol’s new precision metal shims brochure details the breadth of its product line, as well as the added value services in quality certifications. Spirol specialises in quick turnaround of high quality, precision engineered shims. (more...)
Wire assembly holds car seat massage kit in place
Back in the 1930s, inflatable bladders in car seats were not uncommon. They were used in seat bases to provide a comfortable and adjustable means of support for the driver and passenger. Now, 80 years on, bent wire components from William Hughes are helping a leading passenger car manufacturer (more...)
Purite races to pole position
Purite has seen its water purification solutions used in Formula One for many years, supplying a number of top teams. Purified water plays a vital role in the final rinse of a number of components from engine parts to electronic circuit boards and supply for corrosion/environmental test chambers. (more...)
Race car steering knuckle is 3D printed
Student engineers use additive manufacturing for the first time to make steering knuckles. Their car went on to win the Formula Student Germany Championship 2012A key part of a car's front axle is the steering knuckle, a stub axle that connects the tie rod, suspension, brake and wheel. It transmits (more...)
EOS Electro Optical Systems Ltd
Simple clip-on piston rings replace PTFE tape
Where PTFE tape has to be specially made and fitted, the iglidur piston rings from igus can be simply clipped on the piston or shaft. This affordable option from igus is now available in a variety of sizes and materials.Whether in automotive applications, packaging and medical systems or in (more...)
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