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Product stories from October 2021 Issue of Industrial Technology
A bite-sized route to digital integration
Everybody’s talking about digital transformation. And, just like the elephant that must be tackled one bite at a time, it (Read more)

Choosing and using safety light curtains – all you need to know
There is a huge variety of safety light curtains and light barriers to choose from, but which of these suits your machine or (Read more)

Enclosures specified to protect the UK’s machines
The choices made in selecting enclosures for industrial applications can have a significant effect on the performance and (Read more)

Fast conveyor adjustment increases productivity
Abssac has recently supplied a stainless steel food compatible hydraulic clamping bush for quickly adjusting conveyor width, (Read more)

Fastening challenges for electric vehicle production
The rapid acceleration of growth in the electric vehicles and associated products has required a different approach to production, (Read more)

Fath publishes 160 page product update
Fath Components’ extensive product catalogue has been around for a while, but the company has also recently published an (Read more)

High-quality slam latches on ex-stock delivery from FDB Panel Fittings
FDB says its online store is proving an excellent resource for those needing a single point of contact for many different latch (Read more)

Integrating electric motors into efficient smart factory systems
Hussain Ahmed, global digital product manager for motor starting and safety within ABB Electrification’s smart power (Read more)

Interroll expands Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) with flexible and powerful control solution
Interroll’s powerful MultiControl solution for container conveying can now also be used for automated pallet conveying. The (Read more)

IoT functionality should come as standard
Rich Carpenter and Silvia Gonzalez from Emerson explains why the inclusion of IoT functionality in machine designs should now be (Read more)
Emerson Process Management

ISO standards in pneumatics – what you need to know
Steve Sands, head of product management at Festo, offers some pointers on the significance of ISO standards in pneumatic actuator (Read more)

It has to be steel for many cable carrier applications
For cable management in extreme conditions, properties such as strength, temperature resistance, hardness, impact strength and (Read more)

Magnetic gears herald a future of flying cars
It’s fair to say the market for urban air mobility (UAM) is attracting increased investment. It is reported by Roland Berger (Read more)

Martini perfects the packaging of pasta
When specialist machine builder Martini developed its new MCRS-VD packaging system, it turned to Omron for a machine control (Read more)

Mighty micromotors advance medical testing
Medical conditions such as meningitis, an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, can be (Read more)

Protection from lithium-ion battery fires
While normally safe under most use conditions, lithium-ion batteries that are poorly designed, incorrectly assembled or h damaged (Read more)

Remanufacturing cuts lifecycle costs and environmental impact
In the correct circumstances, repairing – or remanufacturing – a failed bearing makes more economic and environmental (Read more)

Stainless steel enclosures are IP66-rated for safe wash-down
BCL Enclosures’ new BEDSS stainless steel series of lockable, solid door enclosures are specially designed to provide (Read more)

Stainless steel enclosures round off Ex e portfolio from Pepperl and Fuchs
Pepperl and Fuchs has now reinforced its position as a supplier of Ex-equipment with the introduction of the SR series. The new (Read more)

The signs your springs are about to fail
Corrosion is the deterioration of a metal surface because of an electrochemical process between it and the surrounding (Read more)
Institute of Spring Technology

The types of hinges and where to use them
Choosing the appropriate hinge is an important step in the design process of many product applications. Though it seems simple (Read more)

World’s first hands-free jetpack prototype revealed
The world’s first hands-free jetpack created by two British entrepreneurs has been revealed for the first time. The (Read more)
Industrial Technology - NEWS

New control knobs with optional LED illumination
OKW has launched advanced new rotary/click Control-Knobs for menu-driven electronics – typically for devices manufactured in (Read more)

Clamping the right way: choosing the shaft collar for your needs
Choosing the right shaft collar will impact the security and precision of clamping, not to mention the ease of installation and (Read more)

Handheld mobile operating panel brings multi-touch and visualisation power
The 10.1-inch HGT 1053 mobile panel from Sigmatek boasts a multi-touch screen, high visualisation power and safety elements. The (Read more)

What to consider when setting up a dispensing application
When purchasing dispensing equipment for an adhesives process, part of the decision making will include return on investment (Read more)

Fastener challenges for hybrid and electric vehicles
In 2021, the UK replaced France as Europe’s second largest electric car market, after 31,800 new electric vehicles were sold (Read more)

Emka hygienic locking systems for food industry and medical engineering
Emka has extended its online Guidance notes for locks, handles, hinges and gaskets into the specialist areas of Food and (Read more)

Four excuses not to take your enclosure cooling maintenance seriously
There is an adage that time is money, and this is particularly true when it comes to production downtime. Hold ups in production (Read more)
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