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Product stories from November 2008 Issue of Industrial Technology
RS Components has launched its new 4-part catalogue. Used by industrial engineers nationwide it contains over 160,000 products, of (Read more)

Sherborne Sensors has launched its A320 range of robust accelerometers for use in highly accurate measurement of low-g (Read more)

In the November 2008 issue of Industrial Technology, Bob Goss of Henkel, maker of Loctite brand products, discusses where (Read more)

Auxiliary contacts for contactors play a big role in determining the reliability of control systems: in safety related (Read more)
Moeller Electric

NSK's 'New Bearing Doctor' publication is the ideal tool to assist factory managers and maintenance engineers in (Read more)

Breathing new life into the DC market
The Mentor MP DC drive from Conrol Techniques Mentor MP is designed with both today's and future requirements in mind, its full (Read more)

Mclennan Servo Supplies has released a new miniature brushless DC motor with integral drive electronics for precision speed (Read more)

Casting a logo within a logo
The outstanding properties of rigid polyurethane, of fluidity at moulding, strength when set and variety of finishes, are proving (Read more)
Norse Precision Castings

Intertronics' sales partner Dymax has created 'See-Cure technology as a visual indicator for its UV cure adhesives by (Read more)

Mayr Transmissions reckons that the development of performance-optimised shaft couplings could play a key role in helping to (Read more)

Contrast sensor is compact and robust
For contrast sensors used in the likes of the packaging, assembly, handling and printing industries to distinguish colours, labels (Read more)

Custom cases designed quickly
Surtech Distribution can now offer customers the facility to design their own enclosures or modify standard Surtech products using (Read more)
Surtech Distribution

Custom converted 3M reclosable fasteners
Fabrico offers custom converted Scotchmate reclosable fasteners for assembly and fastening applications. The hook-and-loop (Read more)

Parvalux is pleased to announce the release of a new catalogue for its 2009 range of DC brushed permanent magnet motors and (Read more)

Direct acting solenoid valve is ATEX certified
The new 70 series valve from Midland-ACS has been engineered to provide higher flow rates, while at the same time consuming less (Read more)

Korenix UK has launched a new range of DIN rail-mounted managed Ethernet I/O modules for distributive monitoring and control. The (Read more)
Korenix UK

Dust covers to protect safety interlocks
Fortress has introduced new dust covers for use with its mGard range of industrial safety interlocks. The dust covers are (Read more)

A family of hollow actuators from Oriental Motor effects fast and highly accurate positioning of inertial loads. And, by allowing (Read more)

Feteris Components has a new generation foot pedal controller, the H80FCL, that can be used for speed control and rudder control (Read more)

Heater efficiency increased
Rittal has increased the efficiency and thermal output of its enclosure heaters by incorporating the latest technology and (Read more)

Earlier this year the CBI called on European policymakers to take the steps necessary for business to give its full support to the (Read more)

Anybody involved with hydraulics should have a copy of 'Hydraulic Fluids - A Practical Guide' in their technical library. (Read more)

The Hi-Pa Drive in-wheel motor could be the breakthrough the green car industry has been waiting for, delivering the promise of (Read more)

Industrial automation, motion control and electronic component specialist, IMO Precision Controls has launched its new short form (Read more)

Innovative cup seal for high speed bottling
Improving safety and performance are the key benefits resulting from the reduction of glass inclusion in the bottle filling (Read more)

International standard for lubricants in food processing
While the previous standard EN 1672-2:2005 for hygiene requirements to be met by food-processing machinery had only stipulated the (Read more)

Intertec is claiming a world first with an innovative passively cooled enclosure that could slash the costs of instrumentation and (Read more)

Are all sintered self-lubricating bearings created equal and, if not, how do you differentiate between seemingly like-for-like (Read more)

Light curtains bring added value
Contrinex has introduced a new range of safety light curtains that its says set new standards in terms of reliability and value (Read more)

Linear guides feature adjustable clearance
Adjustable clearance, lubrication-free running and resistance to contamination are current trends in linear technology. Keeping in (Read more)

Low burst pressure with excellent characteristics
BSandB Safety Systems has just announced the introduction of its GCR-S reverse buckling disc. The GCR-S uses SAF (Structural Apex (Read more)

Mixed signal oscilloscope family sets a new standard
The new Yokogawa DLM2000 Series is a new family of mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) that the company says represent a major step (Read more)

New knob in kit form for clamping
A new knob in kit form is now available from Bulte. Plastimont CO258 is perfect for meeting clamping needs. The plastic wing knob (Read more)

The new MCA and MQA series of asynchronous servo motors from Lenze deliver more power than comparable motors as a result of a (Read more)

In the November 2008 issue of Industrial Technology, Jim Ford of Southco looks at the key considerations when evaluating (Read more)

In the November 2008 issue of Industrial Technology, Phil Burge, Marketing Manager at SKF, explains how magnetic bearings work and (Read more)

Rotor UK - previously known as Exico - reports that it has been steadily growing its market share of non-standard motors in the (Read more)
Rotor UK

In the November 2008 issue of Industrial Technology, Micro-Epsilon (UK) managing director Chris Jones compares the technical pros (Read more)

Simple solution for vibration proofing
GarrettCom Europe has introduced an innovative, low cost, retrofittable solution for its 6KQ range of Ethernet switches to (Read more)

Speeding up the fastening process
New from Spirol Industries is the PH Platen Heat Insert Driver, the PH Platen-Style model. This machine provides an accurate and (Read more)

Spelsberg brings Bimed cable glands to the UK
Spelsberg, best known for supplying a range of electrical enclosures and junction boxes, has announced that it will now offer the (Read more)

Because you can never get away from the 'human' factor, Nick O'Hara of CNES tells Mark Simms that risk perception and (Read more)
Corus Northern Engineering Services

The quick acting fastener is making a comeback, according to the experts at Unifast. Market forces are seeing OEMs rethink their (Read more)

New from Futek is the TFF400 reaction torque sensor with a brand new USB Digital Interface with 16 bits resolution. This USB (Read more)

In the November 2008 issue of Industrial Technology, we find out how LG Motion has worked with ultrasound test systems (Read more)

In the November 2008 issue of Industrial Technology, Stewart Haile of Clare Instruments looks at the paramount importance of (Read more)
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