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Product stories from November 2015 Issue of Industrial Technology
Zettlex launches 60 million new IncOder sensors
Zettlex has announced that it has launched 60 million new sensors, taking its IncOder range of inductive angle encoders from 40 to (Read more)

Automation – building a case for investment
The uptake of automation and robotics in the UK has ‘stalled’ for a variety of reasons, and in this article automation (Read more)

London start-up simplifies robotic automation at a 10th of the cost
Automata Technologies has introduced a lightweight robotic arm, Eva, boasting plug-and-play automation that the company says is (Read more)

A more powerful stopper cylinder
Festo has launched the DFSP, a reliable, robust and cost-effective series of stopper cylinders which the company says are the most (Read more)

A smart solution for a complex product
Based in Devon and part of the CliniMed group of companies, CareFlex has produced specialist seating in the UK since 1995. (Read more)

Ball transfer units improved
Alwayse Engineering has announced performance improvements across its range of Mini Ball Transfer Units, including reduced (Read more)

Choosing the right gas spring
Gas springs come in a range of sizes to suit different applications – but how do you know which one you need? A new ACETips (Read more)

Coiled spring pin product selection considerations
Invented by Spirol in 1948, the coiled spring pin was specifically designed to address deficiencies associated with conventional (Read more)

Components for OEMs
Switchtec has released a handy brochure aimed at OEMs. Complementing Switchtec’s main products catalogue, its relay (Read more)
Switchtec Electronics

Following its acquisition of Hansen Corporation, ElectroCraft is now releasing the full range of Hansen products in Europe, (Read more)

Energy efficient cabinet cooling options from ETA
A new range of Cosmotec energy efficient cabinet cooling units, is now available in the UK from ETA Enclosures. With cooling (Read more)

Free analysis service proves a boon for design engineers
Where optimal joint strength is the main requirement, heat shrink bonding is a great solution. The heat in the assembly helps to (Read more)

Geared motors key in new seismometer design
Unbelievable precision is being achieved with the latest high performance seismometers from Swiss company Streckeisen. Micro (Read more)

How efficient are your motors really?
Around the world, legislation relating to electric motor efficiency is tightening in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and (Read more)

Hydrotechnik launches expanded range of pressure sensors
Hydrotechnik UK has launched an expanded pressure sensor portfolio, offering an extensive choice of cost-effective, proven (Read more)

Improved transport system for heavy duty applications
HepcoMotion has brought its own expertise in guidance systems to complement the Beckhoff linear motor transport system. The (Read more)

Improved transport system for heavy duty applications
HepcoMotion has brought its own expertise in guidance systems to complement the Beckhoff linear motor transport system. The (Read more)

iTrak transport solution from Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK is a modular, scalable motion control system that provides independent control of multiple (Read more)

Lightweight and versatile alternative to corrugated tube
Igus has extended its range of energy supply systems with the introduction of ‘e-skin’, which provides a lightweight, (Read more)

Me-Mover takes a step forward
Across Europe there is a growing trend of people searching for interesting workouts that keep them fit yet escape the confines of (Read more)

Modular and stackable recording system
If you want a compact and easy to use measurement and recording system, where it’s simple to add channels and where the (Read more)

Modular software blocks reduce machine development time
B&R is revolutionising the development of application software for automation with mapp technology. These modular software (Read more)

Motor protection for the IE3 revolution
Eaton has published a new white paper “Motor protection for the IE3 revolution” that discusses the impact of the (Read more)
Eaton Electrical

Multi-position gas spring with friction control
The ‘Stop & Stay+’ is the latest offering from Camloc Motion Control – the designers and UK manufacturers of (Read more)

New compact, easy-to-use 22mm push button range from Omron
Machine designers and panel builders like to have a variety of choice for both bezel materials and colour options when choosing (Read more)

New enclosure is a hot design
The latest addition to the popular 1455 series of extruded aluminium enclosures from Hammond Electronics is the 1455NHD which (Read more)

WDS Component Parts has released a new range of spring release hinges for applications that require a quick mechanism for (Read more)

Rolec adds new sizes to IP66 enclosures
Rolec has extended its elegant range of starCASE IP 66 electronic enclosures by adding two new sizes. Rolec starCASE is a (Read more)

Selecting gearboxes for servo motors
Servo gearboxes differ from standard industrial gearboxes in that they are designed to operate with higher peak input speeds (Read more)

Sensor standards 101
Everything from an excavator to a thermostat is getting smarter and the demand for more intelligent and connected systems is (Read more)
Honeywell Control Systems Ltd

Southern Manufacturing returns to Farnborough
February 2016 sees the return of the Southern Manufacturing exhibition to FIVE, Farnborough. As one of the UK’s most (Read more)

The new SoftStyle modular moulded enclosure from Vero Technologies brings an elegant contemporary look to the product it houses, (Read more)

Tests confirm performance of CE-TEK fire-rated enclosures
CE-TEK follows an innovative approach when it comes to designing electrical enclosures to operate in the most demanding of (Read more)

The A-Z of electrical enclosures
Selecting the best enclosure for a particular situation requires some thought, as there are several issues to consider. Chris (Read more)

The best springs you haven’t tried yet
Flat-wire wave springs offer a great balance of size and spring force. Elmar Kampmann and David Marvuglio of Rotor Clip tell us (Read more)

Thermal management with cloud-based monitoring highlighted by Pfannenberg
Pfannenberg is unveiling a thermal management solution with cloud-based remote monitoring at this year’s SPS IPC Drives in (Read more)

Top ten tips – oil analysis
With between 70 and 80% of all hydraulic failures caused by contaminated oil, effective analysis is vital to ensuring the healthy (Read more)

Why choose a laser sensor?
Modern photoelectric sensors typically employ one of two light technologies, either LED or laser. And the choice of light source (Read more)

Windows and swing handles
Fibox has developed and produced even more innovative configurations to enhance the scope of its ARCA range, and delivered a (Read more)

Reliability of adhesives makes PING part of a winning team
A professional golfer’s swing can reach speeds of over 190 kmh. That puts tremendous pressure on the club face, the club (Read more)
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