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Product stories from November 2017 Issue of Industrial Technology
Material developments for large engine springs
Developments in production techniques have recently resulted in high quality Silicon Chrome Vanadium becoming available in larger (Read more)

An outstanding year for the Advanced Engineering show
If you’re working within the advanced manufacturing sector, the chances are you saw for yourself just how busy Advanced (Read more)

Choosing the right bearing material for the application
Choice is good. Choice is healthy. Having options allows us to select the most relevant, the most efficient, the most (Read more)

Combating condensation in enclosure installations
The recipe for condensation is simple: water vapour and fluctuating temperatures. In all but the most controlled of environments (Read more)

Combined servo amp and single axis controller sets new standards
A new servo amplifier and single axis controller in a single compact package is the latest product introduced by Yaskawa. The (Read more)

Considerations for specifying an enclosure latching system
James Stroud of Southco examines the importance of integration between the key elements of a rotary latching system commonly found (Read more)

Controllers now integrate CNC functionality
Omron has announced the global release in October of its new NJ/NY series CNC Integrated Controllers that boost the productivity (Read more)

Cutting edge accuracy with Polaris CNC system
LG Motion provides Polaris Motion control systems specifically designed for CNC machines in laser-based manufacturing (Read more)

Danfoss delivers control without wires
Danfoss VLT FC102-series variable speed drives will soon be even easier and more convenient to set up, monitor and commission, (Read more)

Developing advanced electric and hybrid powertrains
Wireless rotary torque transducers are at the heart of a test rig to develop next generation technologies for electric and hybrid (Read more)

Device circuit breakers with IO-Link technology
Networking protection and control units in systems and machines is becoming increasingly common. Operating states are gathered, (Read more)

Enhancing productivity in multi-part production
Workholding cubes are essential for secure and accurate multi-part machining processes, but there are some critical considerations (Read more)

Ensuring technical cleanliness in screw assembly processes
How do you prevent particle contamination in sensitive assembly processes? Robert Bachmeier of Deprag offers some advice. Just (Read more)

Feeding system sustains frequent part changes
In response to growing demand for a simple, competitively priced and flexible, automatic bulk parts feeding system, RARUK (Read more)

Geared motors cruising along
Components and systems for maritime applications must be especially rugged and durable because of their continuous exposure to a (Read more)
Nord Gear Ltd

High performance spring meets aerospace challenge
A spring for a safety critical aerospace non-return valve presented new challenges to the design and production team at William (Read more)

Highly accurate pressure regulation
Festo has developed a new range of piezo valve based pressure regulators that deliver smooth, precise pressure control and (Read more)

Industry 4.0: dispelling the myths and misconceptions
Traditionally, machines in industrial environments could only provide actuation, but not anymore. As we enter the era of Industry (Read more)

Integrated drive motors on show at SPS IPC Drives 2017
Leroy-Somer is launching Commander ID300, a new integrated drive for the control of its IMfinity induction motors from 0.25 to (Read more)

Interlocking spiral retaining rings
Rotor Clip engineers have showcased their abilities to create custom parts and tools by introducing an interlocking spiral (Read more)

Joining mixes of different materials
As the automotive industry focuses its design on light weight hybrid materials including carbon fibre, it challenges the joining (Read more)

Linear guides with different radii from Igus
With the introduction of an adaptable drylin W carriage for linear guides with different radii, it is now possible for designers (Read more)

Making the Industry 4.0 connection
What does Industry 4.0 mean to you? Ask 100 people and you’ll probably get 101 different answers, says Ivor Hunt, product (Read more)

Modular profile ideal for turnkey projects
Addressing the trend towards pre-assembled systems, Minitec offers customers a full engineering and design service to ensure that (Read more)

Monitor conditions inside the cabinet
With three new I/O modules in its X20 series, B&R has made control cabinet monitoring easier than ever. All three modules (Read more)

Monitoring the status of energy chains and cables with one module
Predictive maintenance plays a key role in Industry 4.0 and the factory of tomorrow. Supporting this future, Igus has added more (Read more)

Moulded-in aluminium threaded inserts
Spirol is pleased to introduce a high performance line of moulded-in inserts for plastics manufactured from aluminium. The robust (Read more)

New wire forms and constant force springs
Constant Force Springs from Lee Spring offer an excellent mechanism for applications where a constant load is required. Some of (Read more)

Novel upgrade solution for historic London landmark
A gearbox lubrication upgrade at Tower Bridge is ensuring reliable operation during the winter months when the bridge’s (Read more)

Packed, sealed, sold, sent
Packaging designers are constantly thinking up remarkable new packaging solutions that not only protect the product but are also (Read more)

Radio controlled functional safety system from Dold
The new UH 6900 wireless safety system from Dold offers new options and solutions in the field of functional safety. The UH 6900 (Read more)

Safe position monitoring: concepts for machine safety
Safety sensors and monitoring units should provide effective protection for personnel in accordance with international standards, (Read more)
Leuze Electronic

Second generation linear motor from Piezomotor
New from EMS, the Piezomotor LEGS Linear 6N motor has been redesigned and repackaged to allow for the simple implementation of (Read more)

Stainless channels for combined roller bearings
Combined Roller bearings and mating steel profiles are components of both vertical and horizontal heavy duty sliding systems. Due (Read more)

Top tips for implementing Industry 4.0
Steve Askins of Eriks UK offers some practical guidance to help you cut through the hype and get the most from the fourth (Read more)

Understanding resolution for your vision application
Many who are new to machine vision and image processing, struggle with how to select a camera with the correct resolution for (Read more)

User-customisable photoelectric sensors
Sick has developed the SureSense family of user-customisable photo-electric sensors – a concept that enables machine (Read more)

Vibration analysis helps crisp producer reduce downtime
Crisp production is a round the clock effort, with incoming raw potatoes washed, peeled, sliced and fried. Flavour is added and (Read more)

What is the smallest speed increment on a servo motor?
Andrew Fallows of Motor Technology considers a frequently asked question on the issue of speed control and offers some advice to (Read more)

Wireless monitoring: Kanban without cards
Few Kanban systems are completely free from errors and weak spots: the processing of Kanban cards can be delayed; cards can (Read more)
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