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Atlas Copco to showcase sustainable solutions for greener compressed air production at EMEX

Atlas Copco to showcase sustainable solutions for greener compressed air production at EMEX

Atlas Copco Compressors’ Stand F10 at the net zero and energy management show will feature the full scope of the company’s energy-saving and productivity boosting solutions, with new products, demos, hands-on experience opportunities, and one-to-one air audit advisory sessions to determine visitors’ own plant efficiency, energy, and carbon savings potential. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn about the ten essential and sustainable steps to greener compressed air production, providing tangible actions that users can take to deliver financial, environmental, and productivity benefits.

Visitors to Atlas Copco’s stand at EMEX will be amongst the first in the UK to see its brand new VSDS air compressor, heralding a new generation of smart, energy efficient compressed air technology. Claimed to be the most energy efficient rotary screw compressor ever built, the new GA 22-37 VSDS provides energy savings of 60% on average versus fixed speed compressors.

Identifying the actual demand of a compressed air system is the key to finding the most efficient solution. There will be a demo of Atlas Copco’s AIRchitect simulation programme software that intelligently analyses compressed air usage patterns following a week-long iiTrak data logging exercise. Participating compressor users receive a free and detailed report, simulating different options and outlining where running efficiency improvements, energy savings, or better ISO compliance could be made. Additionally, visitors to Atlas Copco’s stand can input their air compressor running parameters into our tool to calculate potential energy savings for their site.

There will also be a live demo of an ultrasonic leak detection gun and how it works to detect costly leaks in compressor system pipework up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. 20% of the compressed air generated can be lost through leaks. Atlas Copco is currently offering a guarantee that getting a leak detection test will save customers money or get their money back.

The latest version of Atlas Copco’s SmartLink remote monitoring system − SmartLink 2.0 – will also be the subject of a live demo. SmartLink gives air users complete, easily actionable IoT- driven insights, not just data, and early warnings from their compressed air system.

In addition to some of the practical issues, such as reducing running hours, eliminating air leaks, and compressor sizing, there will be a particular emphasis on the benefits of compressor process heat recovery.

Other features of the Atlas Copco stand will include its Cerades dryer – the world’s first ever solid, ceramic desiccant compressed air dryer, designed to provide better air quality, lower energy consumption, reduce service costs and confer health and environmental benefits. And the UD25+ filter with built in bypass to maximize uptime, even during maintenance.

And, finally, for something completely different, visitors will be able to enjoy the sensation of a sensory ASMR video experience. In the sensory video, whispering voices will take the audience on a tour of a VSDS compressor, using the sounds that various surfaces and textures make (the screen, the metal canopy, the foam sound isolation material) and can also listen to the actual sounds the machine makes.

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