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EMS-Grivory makes a major investment in new production facilities

EMS-Grivory makes a major investment in new production facilities

In order to be able to meet rapidly growing customer demand, EMS-Grivory will increase production capacity for polyamide specialties at its production sites in Groß-Umstadt (Germany) and Domat/Ems (Switzerland) over the next two years.

Construction is already underway on another polymerisation plant for amorphous, partially aromatic polyamides, which is set to start operations at Domat/Ems (CH) in 2022. The company says this state-of-the-art polymerisation plant will once again significantly increase the quality and production volume of the material, and substantially reduce energy consumption, thereby outperforming the competition. The plant will start operation in the second half of 2022 and should help to counteract the global shortage of polymers.

Construction is also underway of a new compounding line in Groß-Umstadt (DE), where the company’s latest compounding line is being built in record time. The new production line will manufacture large quantities of high-performance plastic specialties such as Grivory GV and Grilon TS, thus significantly relieving the company’s German manufacturing operations as well as those of the Swiss parent plant at Domat/Ems (CH).

In the course of this investment another new production building will also be built, so that more production lines can be commissioned in the foreseeable future.

In addition, a further PPA production line (Grivory HT product family) will start operations at Domat/Ems (CH) in the last quarter of 2022 in order to satisfy the strong growth in global demand. Grivory HT has been successfully replacing metals for many years, making it possible to produce lighter-weight, non-corroding components with part-cost savings of up to 60%: This success story also makes new production facilities necessary.


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