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Form+Test and HBK set common standards in force calibration precision

Form+Test and HBK set common standards in force calibration precision

Traceable reference measurement instruments used in accredited calibration laboratories, must meet the highest requirements in terms of precision, reliability, and quality. To this effect, system specialist Form+Test Seidner relies on Hottinger Brüel and Kjær’s (HBK) dependable and high-precision measurement technology, in its ALPHA 2-5000 S compression testing machine, for the calibration of force sensors at a calibration laboratory in Singapore.

The Singapore-based calibration institution required a special solution to carrying out calibrations for static compression force tests. Form+Test Seidner had the necessary expertise to provide the required highly precise special solution: its ALPHA 2-5000 S compression testing machine.

The implemented measurement system guarantees precise calibration of force sensors, as well as continuous calibrations in the compressive direction. The system can also cope with the additional requirement of measuring very small force values The measurement solution can be used with a maximum precision of up to 1% of its maximum capacity.

Form+Test trusted HBK’s measurement technology for implementing its compression testing machine, as HBK was the only supplier to guarantee the precision and reliability of its products and the entire measurement chain. 

The central element of the measurement system is a custom-built system, BU18, with three C18 ring torsion force transfer standards from HBK with a nominal force of 1.7 kN each. The capacity of the entire system is thus 5 MN. In addition, three type C15 reference force transducers, with a 5 kN, 100 kN and 500 kN measurement range, were integrated into the system for high-precision force measurement. These robust (EMC-tested, stainless-steel, shock and vibration-tested) shear force sensors with nominal measurement ranges between 2.5 kN and 1MN meet the requirements of accuracy class 00 according to DIN EN ISO 376 in the exceptionally broad measurement range of 10 to 100 % of the respective capacity.

The DMP41 reference measuring amplifier completes the measurement system. With its unique accuracy class of 0.0005, the high-precision measuring instrument is the most accurate amplifier for strain-gauge-based measurements worldwide. As a result, HBK’s DMP41 was the first choice for implementing the ALPHA 2-5000 S.

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