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Motion plastics ensure reliable operation for vertical farming

Motion plastics ensure reliable operation for vertical farming

Motion plastics from Igus are playing a major role in the increasingly popular sector of vertical farming. Igus is working closely with global companies specialising in vertical farming - the practice of growing plants indoors in stacked layers - by providing the lubrication-free tribo-polymers needed for this type of food production.

These Igus polymer bearings are used to ensure lubrication-free sliding in small spaces - a wear-resistant, compact, and cost-effective solution for users who do not have enough space to install a traditional greased bearing.

Matthew Aldridge, UK Managing Director of Igus, said: “The machinery used in vertical farming works in a highly sensitive environment, so our tribo-polymers are ideal as they are corrosion-free, low-maintenance and resistant to dirt, dust and soil.

“We are excited to be playing such a key role in vertical farming, a truly revolutionary approach that is producing huge quantities of quality fresh food without the need for favourable weather or skilled labour. This method reduces production and transportation costs, the resulting CO2 emissions and ensures reliable yield and consistent crop production all year-round – essential given we have 7.7 billion people currently living on earth and the world population continues to rise.”

The team at Igus are also working with companies across the UK and the world to produce motion plastics for vertical farms, delivering full automated sub-assemblies.


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