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Optically clear epoxy adhesive for award-winning glass artist

Optically clear epoxy adhesive for award-winning glass artist

Adhesive specialist Intertronics has supplied award-winning glass and sculpture artist, Anthony Scala, with an optically clear, fast cure epoxy structural adhesive to enable quick repairs. Opti-tec 5013 is a two component, medium viscosity epoxy with high optical clarity.

Anthony Scala is an award-winning glass artist that specialises in sculpture work. In addition to creating original sculptures and teaching glasswork techniques, Scala regularly undertakes repair and restoration commissions. These glass repairs may be on pieces from sentimental value up into the tens of thousands of pounds. It is important that the repairs can be carried out within tight timelines without sacrificing the quality of his work.

Intertronics supplied Scala with Opti-tec 5013, an optically clear, two component epoxy with medium viscosity. The product has a fast cure time at room temperature, making it suitable for quick repairs. In addition to Opti-tec 5013’s fast-curing nature, its good adhesive strength provides lasting repairs and is particularly helpful for wall-mounted pieces where the joint will be under constant stress. Intertronics supplied the adhesive in 50 g side-by-side cartridges, enabling easy application direct from the cartridge by using a mixing nozzle.

“As well as having high optical clarity that is good for aesthetics, Opti-tec 5013 sets within minutes and cures within hours at room temperature. It reaches handling strength in 30 minutes,” explained Ben Swanson, Sales Manager of Intertronics. “It has a medium viscosity like honey, which allows it to stay put where you apply it, although it still has wicking characteristics. It has good adhesion to metals, ceramics, glass and most plastics. The adhesive has resistance to impact and yellowing, making it an appropriate choice for bonding glass or restoring gems and quartz crystals.”  

“Opti-tec 5013 is a really good, general purpose clear optical epoxy for bonding glass to almost anything,” explained Scala. “If I’m teaching a class, I recommend that all students have Opti-tec 5013 in their toolbox.”

While it is designed as an adhesive, Opti-tec 5013 can also find applications in clear small potting and encapsulation projects, such as optical filters and lenses. Its transparency, fast cure and medium viscosity differentiate it from many other structural adhesives.  Working with an experienced adhesives supplier can help you to make an appropriate choice for your application.


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