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Repairing optical projector wheels with Opti-tec 5001 epoxy

Repairing optical projector wheels with Opti-tec 5001 epoxy

Event lighting company LucyNation Lighting is now using Opti-tec 5001 Optical Epoxy Adhesive, supplied by Intertronics, to repair surface fractures and cracks in oil wheels. The material has helped seal in the oil wheels’ coloured oils, so LucyNation Lighting can use them past their normal lifespan.

LucyNation Lighting specialises in atmospheric projection, which uses oil wheels to create psychedelic patterns. The oil wheels consist of three glass dividers glued together to create two compartments with a hub in the centre, and are then filled with coloured oils. They are attached to a projector with high intensity light to project well-defined shapes and patterns onto a surface. Over the course of their lifetime, these oil wheels are exposed to very high temperatures from the lamps, as well as occasional mishandling, both of which can result in surface fractures and cracks.

With a library of over 100 oil wheels, some of which can be expensive to obtain, it makes both environmental and economic sense for LucyNation to repair the cracks in its wheels rather than replace them. To do so, LucyNation opted for Opti-tec 5001, as the material has high optical clarity, a similar refractive index to the oil wheels, can withstand high temperature and cures to a hard finish. Its low viscosity allows it to wick into the cracks, helping to seal in the coloured oils.

“I experimented with different glass adhesives to find something that had good clarity so that the image is not distorted, or refraction projected out of the join,” said Jason Legge, Owner of LucyNation Lighting. “I have found that Opti-tec 5001 Optical Epoxy Adhesive is effective for this purpose, and allows me to continue using the oil wheels past their normal lifespan.”

“Opti-tec 5001 is a two-component, very low viscosity, clear optical epoxy, which develops strong adhesion to many materials including metals, ceramics, glass and most plastics,” said Ben Swanson, Sales Manager of Intertronics. “It is suitable for potting, application and adhesion of components where high optical clarity, good wetting and low viscosity are important.”


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