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Yokogawa helps improve access to safe water for the people of Senegal

Yokogawa, along with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, has received an order from Société Nationale Des Eaux Du Sénégal (National Water Company of Senegal) for the construction of a water supply management system. The work is to be undertaken as part of the Mamelles Sea Water Desalination Project, which is being financed by a loan from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The construction of this water distribution network monitoring system will stabilise water supply and improve service throughout the Dakar Region. This is Yokogawa’s first order for a water supply management system in Senegal.

Around 80% of Senegal’s industrial activity takes place in Dakar, and the population of this city has been increasing in recent years. In addition to looking for ways to ensure a safe supply of water to this city, Senegal is working to diversify its water sources and reduce loss from water leakage.

The water supply management system to be constructed by Yokogawa Solution Service and Toyota Tsusho will improve access to the water pipe network and thereby ensure the supply of safe water to Dakar. Yokogawa Solution Service will install sensors to collect flowrate and pressure data at around 200 locations in Dakar’s water pipe network and construct a water supply management system that is capable of locating water leaks and other such problems.

This will contribute toward the achievement of the project goals, which call for the achievement of at least a two million ton reduction in annual water losses caused by leaks in the water pipe network, and an increase in the 24-hour water supply rate from the current 70% to 100%.


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