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20,000 part catalogue opens the way for creative design

20,000 part catalogue opens the way for creative design

Wixroyd has introduced its 2015 catalogue, which it says marks an important step forward in how the company can help designers and engineers. Sales manager Mat Sawyer explains: "Wixroyd aims to provide an indispensable designer's toolkit, a helping hand in the journey to discover the right way to overcome design and engineering challenges. We have brought our Standard Parts and Access Components ranges together in one comprehensive guide, now with over 20,000 products in one single handbook."

BigBlue is the company's latest 1088 page catalogue, full of design and engineering essentials. "As we developed the catalogue, it began to grow a personality of its own - to produce it certainly required as much attention as a favourite child," says Sawyer. "We developed the nickname of BigBlue, inspired by the creative 'blue sky thinking' that engineers and designers often need to solve difficult design and practical challenges. In a way, creative thinking has been associated with Wixroyd for many years with our other sales strap lines of 'engineering ingenuity', 'delivering a range of endless possibilities' and 'making finding the difficult easy', our team at Wixroyd thrive on helping designers and engineers to solve their problems,"

BigBlue is a significant step for Wixroyd: its last catalogue in 2008 had an impressive 8,000 parts, while BigBlue has over 20,000 parts. As Wixroyd has grown its customers have demanded more, and Wixroyd has responded. "Our discussions with our customers identified more and varied parts they need, so we have developed our product range to join them on that journey, supplying much needed parts and helping them to discover new ones," Sawyer explains. "BigBlue draws on our 60 years of experience and knowledge of the engineering market, making it easy to designers to find what they want and perhaps discovering, along the way, the solutions they really need."

BigBlue is backed up by an impressive website, enhanced year-on-year by the company. "One of the first things a design engineer asks me is 'Can I have a CAD model?'," says Sawyer. "The great thing is that the vast majority of our parts have CAD models free to download from the website. So first we make finding the difficulty easy, then when our customers have found it we make it easy to integrate into their designs."

He concludes: "If BigBlue achieves one thing for our customers, I hope it is the opportunity to discover new and smarter solutions to their engineering problems.

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