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21 ways you can reach your productivity potential

21 ways you can reach your productivity potential

British manufacturers have a lot of potential to be more productive and more competitive on a global scale. Whether that’s by decreasing costs through waste reduction or technology implementation, or improving processes through simplification or repeatability, Intertronics has a lot of ideas to help you reach your productivity potential. And here are 21 of them:

Productivity through process improvement

1. Materials that cure in seconds: UV light curing adhesives, coatings and sealants cure in seconds, allowing in-line processing, optimised takt time and elimination of production bottlenecks and WIP.

2. Dispensing automation: Replacing manual material application with dedicated dispensing robots and automation gives improved speed and accuracy. Deposits are consistent and repeatable, eliminating operator variability and reducing rejects and waste.

3. Light cure at the press of a button: UV LED curing lamps are always ready to go, with instant on/off, no warm-up or cool-down times, no need for mechanical shutters and no bulbs to change. High intensity output delivers quick cures in seconds.

4. Good adhesion, even on difficult substrates: Plasma surface treatment is fast and clean, is achievable in-process and avoids chemical treatments or abrasion processes. Enhanced wetting and adhesion improves bond strength for consistent, reliable bonding and printing.

5. Dependable, homogeneous mixing in minutes: THINKY mixing and degassing machines deliver fast, repeatable and bubble-free mixes of liquids, powders and pastes in your container. Efficient non-contact mixing removes cleaning steps and cross contamination risks, and eliminates the variances of mixing by hand.

6. Process-convenient packaging: We give you materials in containers which help you optimise your dispensing process, from small syringes to bulk. Specialised packaging – including pre-mixed and frozen, two-part cartridges and twinpack sachets – add process simplicity and efficiency to multi-part materials application.

7. No mix materials: UV light cure materials and cyanoacrylate adhesives are single part systems which cure quickly. Where the application allows, this avoids a mixing process which usually adds time, consumables, and waste.

Productivity through precision

8. Volumetric dispensing for consistency: preeflow volumetric dispensing systems dose the same amount every time regardless of viscosity or environmental changes such as temperature.

9. Material delivery to the right place: Fisnar robots are specifically designed for the automation of dispensing and spraying, combining precision and repeatability with simple programming and push-button operation.

10. Jetting to success: Vermes valves offer dispensed volumes starting at less than 1nl and jetting at more than 500 times per second for rapid application of products with high definition of deposit.

Productivity through predictability

11. Market-leading dispensing repeatability: preeflow eco-PEN and eco-DUO volumetric dispensing valves and pumps are accurate within ±1%, 99% of the time.

12. Dealing with inconsistent parts: Add a camera vision system to a Fisnar dispensing robot for programming and fiducial auto-adjustment. Other Fisnar robot modular components include height sensing and dispense tip alignment. Achieve assured quality despite component variations.

Productivity through practicality and quality assurance

13. Tried, tested and certified materials: Adhesives and materials with ratings such as UL94 V-0, ISO 10993, or USP Class VI, offer proven abilities to international standards. We help you meet the requirements of IP68 and ATEX with material selection advice.

14. Real-time dispensing process feedback: The flowplus16 pressure sensor is simple to install in-line, and gives real-time assessment of your dispensing process, detecting voids, bubbles and clogs.

15. Is it there and is it cured?: Technologies like Dymax’s See-Cure colour change on cure and Ultra-Red fluorescence enable quality assurance on adhesive and coating application and cure, enhancing both manual and automatic inspection processes.

16. Combine surface preparation, dispensing and curing: Our Technical Team can combine multiple processes into a single push-button operation. We will integrate these assembly technologies onto our robot platform, providing you with a turnkey system.

17. Support your operators: We help you make your people more effective by improving conditions – taking away RSI risks or removing solvent-bearing materials from the workplace. With simple benchtop machines right up to full automation, you can reallocate operators to more productive tasks.

Productivity through progression

18. Process driven: Our focus is on providing you with products which deliver a production output that meets your commercial objectives and which perform reliably day after day after day. We understand the importance of your process, and will help you optimise it for quality and consistency.

19. Scalability: We recognise that often the NPI process means that production starts small, ramping up with success. Our surface treatment, mixing, dispensing and curing products start at the benchtop level, and are expandable and able to be integrated into automation for scale up in the future.

Productivity through proven outcomes

20. Let’s get going: With our sampling, evaluations, trials, tests, demonstrations, rentals and laboratory reports, we take risk out of your specification decision. With our installation and training services, we assist you in getting your process ticking like clockwork as soon as possible, helping you on the road to improved productivity.

21. We deliver proven results for you: Browse our numerous case studies which highlight the real productivity enhancements these products and services provide our customers, supported by our technical capabilities and competencies.


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