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Accurate, shock resistant accelerometers

Accurate, shock resistant accelerometers The new A700 range of miniature solid state accelerometers from Sherborne Sensors measure vector acceleration with outstanding accuracy. A micro-machined piezo-resistive strain gauge bridge silicon sensor is employed that incorporates an air damping feature. Unlike fluid damped devices, air damping is essentially independent of temperature. The units are fully compensated for the effects of temperature on both sensitivity and zero. The transducer incorporates positive mechanical stops in an aluminium housing that confers it with tremendous shock resistance.

Sherborne Sensors has designed the A700 series to offer servo-accelerometer performance in a package that weighs less than 50g and costs little more than a traditional product. The launch models are the single axis A710-0001 and A710-0101 and the dual axis A720-0001 and A720-0101. These are available in ranges from +/-0.5g to +/-5g. The -0101 variants are supplied with a characteristic error correction equation to give accuracies better than +/-1milli g.


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