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An eye to the future

An eye to the future When the Northern Ireland Regional Medical Physics Department was tasked with building half a dozen mobile diabetic retinopathy-screening units, it did so simply and effectively using a combination of Bosch Rexroth's MGE aluminium profile range and a CKK linear ballscrew actuator. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness and visual impairment in adults in developed societies. A Government initiative in 1990 led to the funding of regional services where screening for this condition could be carried out in church halls and schools rather than in hospitals: if the symptoms are detected early, via retinal photo-scanning, then the patient can be treated effectively and the disease's progress halted. The implementation of a mobile regional service solves the problem of patients missing appointments by taking the service to a location near to them, this has the effect of improving attendance. However, one of the problems was the sensitivity of the equipment. Retinal photo-scanning requires a high quality camera to capture an image of the patient's eye and these cameras are not designed to be transported. Another problem was that the equipment was bulky and had to be manhandled by two people on trolleys, often up inclines. This itself led to cost and time issues. Theft was also a concern, with so much valuable equipment being moved, inevitably at times some equipment was left unattended and was open to being stolen. A solution was needed that would offer the mobile scanning teams camera position adjustment, ease of transport, computer hardware integration, security and ease of mobility. This was the problem presented to David O'Donnell and Craig Gill, the medical technical officers based at the newly built Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital. David and Craig decided to design and construct the mobile scanning unit themselves, basing it around the universally applicable components in Bosch Rexroth's MGE modular profile assembly system. The system is applicable to all tasks: frames, enclosures, special and series machinery, ESD capable systems etc. Rexroth helped select the most economical components which were then delivered from their local warehouse. In addition to the MGE system, Bosch Rexroth's CKK linear ballscrew actuator was used as part of a cantilever system to support the photo imaging technology while not attaching to the far profile. The CKK linear ballscrew provides the smooth motion that the unit requires in order to make the small adjustments necessary for the operator when taking a picture of a patient's eye. The cantilever supports the equipment and the linear actuator allows the imaging equipment to be lowered into the main body of the unit and stored safely.

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