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Anybus CC-Link drive profile

Anybus CC-Link drive profile A variable speed drive profile is now available for CC-Link, the open industrial fieldbus protocol. This will reduce the engineering time, cost and effort required by manufacturers and users to integrate drives into open communications networks. The Anybus-CompactCom drive profile is a range of products for CC-Link. It extends the Anybus-CompactCom concept by increasing and improving the functionality of the software so that compliance with the latest communication standards for drives is ensured.

Device profiles specify how a network communication system can used for devices for a specific application area. The use of profiles reduces engineering costs significantly, since the meaning of parameters related to the application is precisely specified.

All the Anybus-CC drive profile modules throughout the range have the same hardware interchangeability as standard Anybus-CC modules. Their software interface permits a standardised access to the drive parameters independent of the network type.
The drive profile software interface functions are similar to the standard Anybus-CC modules, but offer enhanced features. Automation devices that have an existing standard Anybus-CC slot need only to upgrade the software interface before their first use. After this, they can use the full range of enhanced standard modules and drive profile modules for an even more flexible communication interface.

The Anybus-CompactCom drive profile CC-Link communication module provides the inverter drive with instant CC-Link connectivity via the uniform Anybus-CompactCom host interface. Any device that supports this standard can take advantage of the features provided by the module, allowing seamless network integration regardless of network type. The module support drive operations according to the inverter profile of CC-Link. When used in standard mode the module supports CC-Link version 1.1 but during initialisation can be configured for CC-Link version 2.0 functionality.

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