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Applications advice on the right coupling for the task

Applications advice on the right coupling for the task
Unsure whether you'd be better with a bellows coupling, a flexible disc coupling, a curved jaw coupling or a toothed coupling? Or whether you need some other form of shaft connection. The experts at Reliance offer this guidance.

Getting the right form of shaft connection can be critical to the success of a motion application. But with so many different styles to choose from, it's not always obvious which is the best in any given task. So what can we say about the specific advantages and applications considerations for each technology?

Typical advantages of bellows couplings are a small footprint and backlash free angular transmission. A high degree of misalignment between shafts can also be accommodated. Due to their design these types of couplings have a high degree of torsional stiffness and a low level of reaction forces into the bearings of, for instance, motors.

Flexible disc couplings have the advantage that they can be used for high rotational speed and, in the case of the stainless steel discs, higher load carrying applications can be allowed for without loss of accuracy. These couplings are often used in measurement instruments or encoder applications.

As curved jaw couplings have elastomeric connection between the two hubs, short torque increases can be accommodated. This also means that torque transmission will take place without peaks as the elastomer will buffer this energy. Another advantage is that in applications where it is not easy to remove the entire coupling the hubs can be disengaged, enabling easier assembly or dismantling.

The advantages of toothed couplings are that they allow a form fit connection with self-centering ability. As with the curved jaw coupling, another advantage is that in applications where it is not easy to remove the entire coupling the hubs can be disengaged offering easier assembly or dismantling. This coupling will transmit in a similar fashion as a one-piece coupling.

Managing peak torques
Slip clutches protect mechanical transmission against maximum allowable peak torques. The allowable torque settings can be set at random within the maximum values shown in the data sheets.

Reliance has increased its program of shaft connection components with new ranges of spiral beam, bellows, flexible disc, membrane, curved jaw and radial tooth couplings, along side its existing Reli-a-flex range. Reliance also offers a new range of friction clutches to complete any type of shaft or motion control component connection you require. Reliance has been successfully supplying the Reli-a-flex range of couplings for over six years and, due to increased customer demand, says it is offering this newly extended range of couplings at competitive prices. The couplings can often be supplied from stock or on very short lead times, making Reliance your preferred supplier for your complete coupling requirement in any type of application.
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