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Applied Motion Products' Integrated Step-Servo is available from Mclennan

Applied Motion Products' Integrated Step-Servo is available from Mclennan

Integrated motors - stepper or servo motors supplied with built in drives and motion controls are becoming more commonly specified for a wide range of automated machine applications. Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP), the USA based motion innovator represented in the UK and Europe by Mclennan, has evolved this concept with a new range of cost effective integrated stepper motors that include closed loop servo feedback - offering exceptional benefits and wide-ranging capabilities for applications such as packaging and labelling, automated test, automated parts handling, positioning stages and life sciences.

The new TSM Step-Servo series is a complete range of NEMA 17 and 23 sized integrated and compact packages combining microstepping motor + drive + encoder + controller. They are essentially an all-in-one economic solution with multi-function control capability that includes individual pulse or analogue control (for example from third party controllers), as well as a choice of built-in Modbus/RTU or CANopen multi-axis networking, or for pre-programmed stand-alone operation using AMP's 'Q' motion software.

The TSM Step-Servo closed loop capability provides high accuracy position and velocity control for the most demanding applications with robust servo loops that tolerate wide fluctuation in load inertia and frictional loading. Highly precise positioning to within +/- one encoder count is achievable. Using a high resolution 20,000 counts/rev encoder, this equates to 0.018°.  

Highly developed servo control algorithms ensure the drive stage uses only the current required by the application for maximum efficiency. At stand-still, the current can reach almost zero for extremely low heat operation and because the TSM operates in full servo mode, all the available torque can be used to provide as much as 50% more torque in many applications, often eliminating the need for gear reduction. A torque boost function is also available to deliver as much as 50% more torque for fast dynamic response - perfect for short and quick moves.

Setting up and commissioning the TSM Step-Servo is made easy with the Quick Tuner tool which may be used with pre-defined tuning parameters and both manual or automatic load inertia detection;  or, with its graphical user interface, the Quick Tuner can be used to monitor common parameters and facilitate user adjustment of the motion profile where precise tuning is required.

For programming, the built-in multi-tasking 'Q' programmer takes care of single axis motion control and stored program execution. With conditional processing, math functions and data registers, the controller is easily adapted to the application - synchronising position and speed with its on-board I/O complement which is up to 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 1 analogue input. Other hardware features for the controller include optional multiple homing inputs and a built-in position table for up to 63 points. Programmable software limits and on board daisy chain connection for field bus control with a CANopen test tool is also available.

The TSM Step-Servo series motor ratings cover torque output from 0.28 Nm to 2.4 Nm in size 17 and size 23 motors with single, 2 and 3 stack windings. Motor speeds up to 3600 rpm and encoder resolutions of 20,000 counts/rev make the range suitable for a very wide range of motion control applications.

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