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Bespoke cabling systems company grows with Spelsberg enclosures

Bespoke cabling systems company grows with Spelsberg enclosures

An ISO assured manufacturer of quality wiring harnesses and cable assemblies attributes at least part of its on-going success to its relationship with electrical enclosure company Spelsberg UK.

Birford Cable & Harness Ltd of Wolverhampton works closely with customers in a number of industries including, mobility, heating and cooking, LED lighting, point of sale displays, electronic lockers, PCB manufacture and traffic lights and electronic road signs, supplying them with cable systems, wiring harnesses.

Birford’s managing director Chris Wase explains the philosophy behind his company: “Wiring can be a time consuming element in any electrical project and therefore represents a ‘hidden cost’. There is also an element of risk if it is not done by fully trained and qualified people.

“As experts in our field we can guarantee quality and compliance with all relevant safety standards. Also our skills level and automated procedures means we can get work completed quickly and efficiently without taking excess time. Thus we can remove both time and risk from projects for customers whose expertise lies elsewhere.”

With much of its work bespoke to individual clients, it also commits to a range of special projects and applications which may involve anything from basic soldering operations, via the fitting of microswitches to full product assembly and test. Another regular requirement is the reworking of mains cords and cabling for products bought in from counties in the Far East so that they meet European standards.

Many of Birford’s jobs require the use of one or more enclosures, and Wase has a straightforward sourcing strategy for these. “We use Spelsberg UK, every time,” he says, “as we have done for 15 years or more.”

Spelsberg is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical enclosures, distribution boxes and related electrical equipment, producing over 100 million injection-moulded parts every year. These are used in every field imaginable, from horticulture to harbours, from the chemical industry to amusement parks and all are designed to meet the needs of their particular application over a long service life.

Spelsberg was founded 112 years ago in Schalksmühle, initially to produce electrical conduits and helping to form a strong electrical industry in Germany’s Sauerland region. It began making enclosures in the 1920s and was soon innovating with state-of-the-art materials such as Bakelite. As the century progressed Spelsberg grew, globalised and introduced several innovations, such as its fireproof, waterproof, shockproof and UV-resistant junction boxes and the establishment of a VDE- and UL-accredited test and certification centre.

The UK operation is ISO 9001 certified and offers standard products, customised and bespoke CNC machined solutions and high levels of customer service.

In fact Spelsberg delivers 30,000 to 50,000 units a year to Birford, indicating the depth of the relationship between the two companies. Spelsberg’s extremely wide portfolio of products, coupled with its ability to quickly produce specials, one-offs and new designs means it is able to meet the multitudinous needs of Birford and its clients.

“Spelsberg enclosures are first rate, but the company is set apart by its levels of customer service,” says Wase. “For example, its CNC capabilities are a big plus for us, as they let Spelsberg produce bespoke products for us with no more fuss than their standard units. It also provides us with a fast prototyping service, which is very useful because our customer often want to produce short run or even one off designs.

“This sort of service and support has been instrumental in the growth that has made Birford one of the foremost cable and wiring assembly companies in the UK.”


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