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Brainboxes ready for RoHS

Brainboxes has announced that it is now supplying RoHS-ready products. RoHS-ready versions of the company’s BL-565 CompactFlash Bluetooth card and UC-235 serial card are already in volume production, and Brainboxes has announced availability of a full range of RoHS-ready Bluetooth and serial card products. Brainboxes identified at an early stage the importance of rapid compliance to RoHS guidelines and established a project team to actively manage the transition. The initial step in the process was to use close relationships with suppliers to ensure early access to RoHS compliant components for all of its Bluetooth and serial products. In addition, the project team worked to ensure that Brainboxes manufacturing process met all RoHS requirements well in advance of the deadline. Rather than simply rely on supplier declarations of RoHS compliance, Brainboxes has sent completed products to an external test house for X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing on components, using the Fischerscope X-ray system XDAL. This technique is capable of determining percentages of different elements present in the products and is accurate to 0.1percent by weight.

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