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Brakes for wind turbines

Brakes for wind turbines INTORQ BFK series brakes from Techdrives are used by several wind turbine manufacturers with torques from 14 to 200Nm. These brakes are often customised but are always single disc design with multiple engagement springs and DC coil release. They are mounted onto the back of the motors; servo motors for the pitch drives and standard asynchronous motors for the azimuth drives of which there are typically 4 or 5 on a wind turbine. They are designed for 100% running time with coil engaged and the rated torque can be applied with either dynamic or static brake engagement.

Brake modifications to suit the environment start with what is known as the 'Cold Climate Version' allowing operation with ambients from -20°C to +40°C. Corrosion resistant friction surfaces are used together with zinc plated housings. Low backlash is important to prevent oscillations from wind loadings. Here INTORQ provide a plastic coating to the splines of the brake disc which reduces backlash to almost zero and extends the service life. To ensure reliable brake release, even with large air gaps, a specially developed brake rectifier is used which gives a temporary over-excitation of the brake coil. This also helps reduce the brake engagement time.
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