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Cabinet condition monitor tells you what goes on behind closed doors

Cabinet condition monitor tells you what goes on behind closed doors

The facility to monitor the interior of a control cabinet for certain parameters and to generate a warning of any deviation from the norm can, in many cases, make the difference between minor glitch and major failure.

IMX12-CCM (Cabinet Condition Monitoring) cabinet guard is a new multi-function device which can be installed in virtually any control cabinet or box in order to continuously monitor the conditions within. The rail-mounted device features built-in sensors and uses a simple switched signal to indicate to the control system any incorrect door closure or the exceeding of limit values for temperature and interior humidity.

The 12mm wide IMX12-CCM comes with an intrinsically safe 

2-wire isolating transducer interface, making it also suitable for use in explosion hazardous areas. The simple teach-in process can be carried out directly on the device without the need for a computer or any additional tools. A standard Hart interface is provided for additional diagnostic options, such as reading out the absolute measured values.

Besides the interface technology, the control cabinet guard offers a range of sensors which monitor the actual status of the environment: a temperature sensor, an absolute humidity sensor, an ambient light sensor and a triangulation sensor. The ambient light sensor detects any increase in light caused, for example, by a faulty or missing grommet. 

The triangulation sensor measures the distance to the cover or door and thus monitors for correct closing or unauthorised opening. In order to detect humidity problems, the IMX12-CCM monitors long-term trends and compares them with a taught safe condition. Whenever the defined limit values are exceeded, this is indicated to the control level via a potential-free contact. A data logging facility is also included. 

The basic version of the IMX12-CCM is available now and enhanced versions are planned that will include additional parameter measurement for shock and vibration. 

Turck-Banner reckons the product will be of interest in applications where remote cabinets can experience sporadic attacks or vandalism, or where operators want to be able to monitor remote cabinets more effectively. The IMX12-CCM offers a comprehensive solution which alerts companies immediately to any changes in cabinet condition.

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