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Cable carriers especially for telescopes

Cable carriers especially for telescopes

Kabelschlepp Metool has been successfully developing application-specific cable carriers for use in telescopes for many years. The solutions have proven their stability, flexibility and functionality in research facilities all over the world. They are used in the closing mechanisms of gigantic domes, for example, or in systems for aligning optical systems or the main mirror.

Rough environmental conditions – extreme temperatures, for example – are not the only challenges for the installed components. Requirements such as precise and low-vibration guiding are also crucial. Together with its partners, Kabelschlepp Metool offers solutions for plug-in connections for the electric cables at installation altitudes above 2000 meters. The data volumes from the current camera systems are enormous. This creates special requirements for the fiber-optic and glass fiber cables, for which the cable carriers provide cyclic guiding for many years.

Kabelschlepp Metool have proven their expertise in the field of telescopes, for example with the implementation of complex steel and plastic cable carriers systems that are designed for rotating the camera and the elevation axis of the LSST (large synoptic survey telescope) on the Cerro Pachón mountain in Chile, at an altitude of over 2600 meters. Another project in the field of telescopes was implemented by Kabelschlepp Metool at the State Observatory in Thuringia, Germany. The Alfred Jensch Telescope is an important astronomy observation instrument at this site. For optimum supply of the new camera system, the owners contacted Kabelschlepp Metool and purchased a plastic cable carrier system for hoses and cables.

The solutions are as individual as the applications are different: While especially robust heavy-duty solutions are suitable for telescopes, the TOTALTRAX cable carriers from Kabelschlepp Metool are particularly ideal. These are ready-to-install complete solutions that are adapted to the requirements and fully harnessed. On request, the team at Kabelschlepp Metool can also take on the entire planning and installation of cables and hoses as well as the complete assembly including the guide channel and substructure. A professional team then carries out the installation, commissioning and site acceptance test for the cable carriers, even in rough conditions or at great altitudes.


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