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Compact calibrator bridges the gap between portable and benchtop

Compact calibrator bridges the gap between portable and benchtop Calex Electronics is proud to announce the launch of the new Convir FTK Fixed Infrared Temperature Calibration Checker. This rugged yet sleek calibration checker offers a fast, low-cost and highly accurate way to ensure infrared temperature sensors are operating within calibration limits. The FTK offers the best of both worlds, with the accuracy and temperature range of a bench top unit combined with the compact size and ease of use of a portable calibrator. This allows it to be used in any situation, from the lab to the shop floor. Two models are available, offering two different calibration temperatures. The FTK 95 heats up to 95degC, and the FTK 120 goes to 120degC. Both units reach and stabilise at these temperatures in approximately 12 minutes and have an LED to show when they are up to the correct temperature. They both offer an outstanding stability of less than +/-0.2degC drift at an ambient temperature of 20degC, providing great performance from such a compact and portable instrument.

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