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Compression latch delivers compression of 10-12mm

The Dirak 1-081SL Compression Latch offers a compression range of up to 12mm, significantly greater than other compression latches on the market today, says the company. The compression range can be modified depending on the length of the cam. Standard cam heights are 22 and 28mm with other cams available upon request.

The innovative use of a planetary gear for actuation gives significant compression at extremely low torque while ensuring strength and durability. The use of a roller at the end of the cam minimizes scrape damage to panels often caused by traditional cams, and also reduces the required closing force. 

In addition, the 1-081SL Compression Latch incorporates two of Dirak's innovative technologies, D-SNAP Technology and Design Symmetry. D-SNAP Technology provides fast and simple installation without hardware or tools. All components of the latch are pre-assembled making installation into sandwich type panels easily accomplished from the front of the panel.

Design Symmetry allows the same latch to be installed on both right- and left-hand doors. The 180deg rotation range of the cam eliminates the need to re-install for a rotation of door to/from right- and left-hand doors giving flexibility in applications and reducing inventory. 

The latch can be actuated with standard inserts, double bit 3 and 5mm and square 8mm with others available on request. The latch also meets IP65 requirements for water and dust resistance.

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