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Decentralised drives reduce machine building costs

Decentralised drives reduce machine building costs For lower power drives, typically up to 7.5kW, machine designers can choose their inverter drives to be either panel or motor mounted. By mounting the drive on the motor a decentralised solution is achieved which can save time and costs. The Lenze motec is a typical example available at rated powers 0.37 to 7.5kW either on its own or as a complete variable speed drive package with a geared motor.  Al-though initial purchase costs are higher than panel mounted inverters, when the total costs of installation are included there are usually savings.

Decentralised drives reduce costs for the machine builder in more ways than simply reducing the size of the panel.  Power cables can be unscreened which significantly reduces their cost, and where several motors are mounted locally cable runs can be reduced by looping the power from one inverter to the next.  The Lenze motec comes with free software to speed commissioning. In operation a large status LED is visible from considerable distance and a port is available to plug in a diagnostic keypad.

The Lenze motec is highly flexible to adapt to individual machine requirements with IP65 enclosure, ambients up to 45ºC without de-rating, and fieldbus options from low cost AS-i to real time EtherCAT and PROFINET.  Wall mounting is possible and plug connectors can be provided for faster fitting. Another option is Safe Torque Off to Category 4 and Performance Level e.
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