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Elesa family of stainless steel standard components

Elesa family of stainless steel standard components
The extremely large Elesa range of industrial standard components in metal and high grade reinforced plastic is well known - but what is less well known is the continuing rapid growth in their range of Stainless Steel standard components in AISI grades 301, 303, 304 and 316. These have been developed specifically for those applications where significantly higher levels of quality are required in respect of corrosion resistance or ultimate strength.

Elesa's stainless steel range of elements for control, location/positioning, clamping, visual indication and mobility now includes handwheels, lobe knobs, wing nuts, adjustable clamping handles, grab handles, indexing plungers, hinges, column level indicators and castors - which are corrosion resistant and suited to aggressive environments. These are found to be of value for applications located offshore or in chemical plants and clean down areas in food processing and pharmaceuticals where their cavity free design prevents biological build up and aids cleaning. Plus their relatively inert stainless steel surface offers little opportunity for corrosion or attachment of debris which may otherwise lead to raised contamination levels. This is achieved by using polished surfaces, with matt finish where it is needed for good grip and control of the elements - and which also provides a softer feel for operator comfort and security of grip/operation.

In particular the GN950.6-F stainless three spoked handwheel features a fixed handle, while the VCM-SST lobe knobs offer male or female fitment with comfortable scallop style hand grips. For smaller clamping or fixing the EWNM-SST wing nuts (also male or female) allow high tightening torque valves in M5 to M10 sizes.

Where rapid clamping is required in confined spaces, the GN300.5 series adjustable handles provide a push button engagement/disengage system to enable an operator to clamp by tightening in arcs.

Elesa stainless steel panelware includes their GN565.5 grab handles and CMM-SST butt hinges for cabinets, enclosures, furniture and lifting applications.

The Elesa stainless steel range for engineering situations includes GN617.1-N1 indexing plungers with rest position - fully in AISI 303 stainless steel for precision location in arduous environments. Likewise, the HCX-SST column level indicators combine high technology transparent technopolymer with AISI 303/304 to ensure clear visibility level checking in harsh environments.

The stainless steel brackets and axle set of Elesa's RE.FF range of castors does the same job where equipment mobility and wash-down are required - combined with polyurethane tyred polyamide wheels -these ensure rugged, reliable mobility with easy movement.

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