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ETA takes a no-compromise approach to enclosures

If you tend to buy standard enclosures and then spend time and additional money fitting those cabinets out with accessories or having them coloured to suit your needs, then ETA reckons it can offer you big savings with its no-compromise approach to enclosure supply.

With its assemble to order programme, ETA is offering to take away the strain of fitting cabinet accessories. The company can pre-assemble most cabinet accessories for shipment, including plinth bases, additional mounting plates and doors, and can still ship your enclosure to you within 48 hours.

If the standard colour is not suitable, then that's no problem either. ETA's special paint colour programme enables the company to paint its enclosures to meet most customer requests. On volume batches, ETA says the additional costs are minimal, and lead times are as little as three to four weeks. On smaller batches, ETA can have your painted enclosure with you in less than 72 hours.

If you need your enclosures machined to allow the installation of control products - for example, to accommodate push buttons and displays in the panel door - then for volume requirements ETA can provide a machining service for boxes and cabinets in under three weeks and with minimal costs.

ETA says it also understands the importance of supplying not only the empty enclosure but also any complementary items such as power distribution and thermal management products. To that end, it has partnered with two of the biggest names in the market - Wohner, which manufactures power distribution systems, and Cosmotec, a leading manufacturer of cabinet cooling systems.

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