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Expanded range of servo geared motors

Expanded range of servo geared motors Lenze has extended its range of synchronous and asynchronous geared motors with the addition of new motors matched to the Lenze gearboxes. There are now more than 5000 possible selections with nominal output torques from 3-7000Nm, and rated speeds from 7-2500r/mm. Servo motors are integrated into the gearboxes with long-life shaft seals and the first pinion on the motor shaft. This eliminates a flexible coupling, creating a shorter and more economic assembly with reduced backlash often below 12 minutes of arc from standard gearboxes. Both synchronous and asynchronous motors are included in the Lenze range. Motor options include resolvers, incremental and absolute encoders for feedback, as well as brakes, blowers and IP65 enclosures. The motors are matched to the full range of Lenze gearboxes, including helical, shaft mounted helical, bevel, helical bevel, helical worm and planetary.

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