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Extended range of IP65 inverters

Extended range of IP65 inverters
The SMV range of frequency inverters from Lenze with IP65 enclosure has now been extended with four new powers up to 22kW. Dimensions and costs have been kept low by the use of a cooling fan that maintains the high enclosure level. This in turn means that no panel space is needed, a very useful feature when upgrading existing machinery, but also reduced costs on new machine designs. The SMV has found wide acceptance in food production, bakery mixers, conveyors, pumps and vacuum compressors.

With totally enclosed inverters such as the SMV, there are two options to get rid of the heat losses within the drive - either make the drive physically bigger to convect the heat away, or use a cooling fan. Lenze has chosen the latter route specifying a fan that is IP65 protected. The result is compact dimensions - for example 470x240x241mm at 22kW, small even for an IP20 enclosed inverter. 

Another feature of the SMV inverter is the EPM pluggable memory chip. This 10x10mm module holds all the settings of the drive. For the machine manufacturer this means that drives can be programmed in seconds, offline using a hand held programmer. In the unlikely event of a failure in the field or a need to change settings, a memory chip can be despatched rather than to send an expensive Service Engineer.

SMV inverters are available for single phase supply up to 2.2kW and from there with three phase supply up to 22kW. Three phase voltages of 400, 480 and 600 V are possible. A more unusual option has 120V supply with a built in voltage doubler.
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