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Fast and simple labelling with rapid, clean, durable results

Fast and simple labelling with rapid, clean, durable results Since requirements began for labelling of electrical components and wire, there has been a continuous and changing demand for cost-effective, time-saving and flexible methods of manufacturing them, even as systems became more and more complex. Having come a long way from the first hand-written and often barely legible tags, modern labelling uses colours, numbers or plain text to improve communication between man and machine, playing a critical role for example in facilitating safe use of equipment. For the makers of labelling systems, the challenge has been to keep coming up with new and innovative ideas.

The solution from Murrplastik is the ACS labelling system, a single system for all labelling needs. This fast and simple, universal labelling system has been designed for use on all systems and components for rapid, clean and durable results. The labelling system is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including plotters, engraving machines, printers and laser machines, with comprehensive associated labelling software. By supporting the whole spectrum of labelling methods, Murrplastik ensures customers always have access to the most appropriate technology. Laser technology, for example, is synonymous with high operating speeds, supreme quality, short processing times and crisp typefaces. Plotter technology boasts a very high configuration capacity and is suitable for virtually any material. Laser printing technology lends itself well to sheet labels which in turn are suitable for virtually all fields of application. Engraving technology is used for metals and suitable plastic-coated materials. The font weight varies according to graver size, and repeatability is very high. Ink jet technology has a high configuration capacity and also supports colour printing.

Living in a material world
There is a wide range of materials to choose from, too, including polycarbonate, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, polypropylene, polyester, fabric, self-laminating vinyl and more. With some many materials and labelling methods to choose from, the ACS labelling system provides comprehensive labelling solutions. Single wire, cable and conduit labelling is available in over 100 variants. Terminal block labelling plates are available for all standard clamping products. Control gear and equipment location labelling meets the needs of electronic components in the control cabinet. Control and signal unit labelling - from stickers to inscribed plastic plates - is available for push buttons and signal lamps. And complete system labelling is available in a range of formats from stickers to multi-layer plastic plates.

The ACS universal labelling software provides a fast and straightforward means to generate text, numbers, graphics or symbols quickly and easily in-house for printing on neutral label holders. The integrated symbol database provides standardised symbols used in electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics. And other symbols can be added to the database using the editing function. Engineering data can be loaded directly into the ACS lettering software using the integrated CAD and EPLAN interfaces, allowing rapid and accurate data transfer of function text, wiring diagrams, terminal block or operating resource lists, and machine schedules. Utilities are provided to allow data to be freely assigned to the required labelling materials. Manipulation of text and colour attributes allows tailoring to individual requirements at the click of a button.

Meeting demanding standards
Across industry, there are precise regulations specifying how individual cables, conduits and tubes should be labelled in wiring harnesses or looms. It is, after all, both desirable and imperative for the technician to know immediately what is in a control cabinet or on a railway carriage or behind the panelling in an aircraft. In the majority of cases, such regulations do not merely state that labelling is mandatory, but they also specify the precise nature of the labelling. Indeed those requirements can differ greatly in terms of inscription method, typefaces and base material. European standard EN 60204 (VDE 0113 Part 1), for example, specifies that wires, cables, components and terminals must be clearly identified. The identification must also be clearly visible and legible. Another factor to consider is that the labelling plates often have to be produced in bulk.

Murrplastik's ACS labelling system meets all of these requirements, ensuring compliance with these demanding standards. And with its labelling and fitting service, the company can inscribe label plates, labels and duomatt plates, and can fit labels into sleeves or onto label plates for immediate application on wires, cables and conduits. Benefits of the service include short processing times, rapid and cost-effective production, and delivery within three working days. In addition, companies don't have to make any in-house investment in labelling technology and the associated training. So not only can Murrplastik provide fully tailored labelling services, but it is also confident that it can meet your labelling needs more cost-effectively than you might be able to with in-house labelling.
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