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Fastening solution halves installation time

Fastening solution halves installation time A simple request by a major supplier to the automotive industry to fulfil its standard fastening requirement soon became something more when it became clear that a novel alternative solution would offer a significant improvement.

The original need was for a fastener to assemble an aluminium extrusion to the vehicle. At the time, another fastener was already being used to clamp the spacer to this aluminium extrusion. After analysing the customer requirement, Gesipa suggested a single part replacement solution in the form of its rivet nut stud fulfilling both the fastening needs at the same time.

"The solution was a specially designed M6 rivet nut stud manufactured in steel with 5.8mm grip range," explains Gesipa's Stephen Dovernor. "This rivet nut stud was used to clamp the spacer to the extrusion simultaneously assembling the extrusion to the vehicle thus serving the dual purpose and replacing the need of using two distinct fasteners in the same application."

The solution developed by Gesipa was able to provide the customer with a single fastener replacing two currently used, at a lower in-place cost. Also, stronger clamp force and higher load bearing capacity of the fastener provided a guaranteed and secure joint.

The bespoke rivet nut stud manufactured by Gesipa as a solution to the automotive application requirement not only provided an easier, neater and quicker installation option to assemble the extrusion to the vehicle itself but was also simultaneously used to clamp the spacer to this aluminium extrusion, thus serving the dual purpose. By reducing total production and installation times by approximately 50%, this solution also resulted into a huge cost saving opportunity for the customer.

Gesipa has 65 years of experience in providing fastener application solutions to its customers in different industries. Whether using off-the-shelf products from its standard catalogue items or developing bespoke leading-edge solutions, Gesipa always aims to understand and satisfy its customer requirements - both technical as well as commercial.
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