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Fire fighting vehicles boost stability with hydraulically controlled feet

When a system was needed to control the stabiliser feet on fire fighting vehicles and to control the extension of the platform, Sensor-Technik had the solution. The system had to deliver increased safety, in situations where every second counts.

Sensor-Technik built its solution around an ESX CANbus controller and Opus HMI unit to control the hydraulics for the stabiliser feet, applying more pressure where needed to adapt the balance as the platform is rotated. The system also controls the extension of the platform, with fail-safes for overload conditions. The system interfaces with the existing  engine CANbus system to speed up or slow down the hydraulic pump.

The biggest issue in the implementation was to set up the HMI to show the operator the exact position of the platform, indicating at the same time how much more extension was possible before any overload, so that an early decision could be made about whether to move the vehicle. Safety considerations included using the CANbus system to first test the ground under the vehicle to ensure that the surface is sound enough to support the vehicle.

With this new system, fire engines can now be positioned and used within minutes of arriving on the scene, allowing fires to be tackled more quickly and with a higher degree of safety.
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