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Flow monitor for large diameter pipes

Flow monitor for large diameter pipes E-T-A Circuit Breakers has extended its range of flow monitoring products by introducing a new flow monitor and extended, push-fit, monitoring head which together provide accurate flow measurements in larger pipe sizes as well as in pipes with thick walled insulation. With a wide range of operating temperatures, they are ideally suited for monitoring cooling and lubrication circuits, as well as ventilation and cooling equipment. Optimal positioning of flow sensors in a pipeline, where the flow is laminar, is essential for reliable and accurate flow monitoring. It is also important to insert the monitoring head far enough into the flow-stream of the medium. The new E-T-A FS20 Flow Monitor and 300mm long MKV Monitoring Head are designed to overcome these problems by providing compact single-point flow monitoring in applications with pipe sizes of DN65 or more, as well as in cooling equipment with thick-walled insulation. The MKV is installed using a compression gland: the tip of the monitoring head needs to be inserted to only one-eighth of the internal diameter of the pipe/duct work, so that extremely large diameters can be accommodated.
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