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Frame tube joiners and end caps from Elesa

Frame tube joiners and end caps from Elesa The latest offering from standard component leaders Elesa comprises a range of square and round tube expander connectors matched with both expander and push fit end caps. The range is designed to make it simple for users to construct robust joints in standard round and square tubes for light duty machine guarding, partitions, screens, machine frames and other applications of tube structures in conjunction with mounting or connecting clamps.

Expander connectors and end caps are in black polyamide with the two connector parts connected together by means of pins which are housed in special counter-seats - two tapered cavities inside the connector are provided for housing a hexagonal-head screw or a hexagonal nut. Thanks to this tapered shape the connector exerts a pressure on the inner walls of the tube as the screw is tightened into the internal nut, thus ensuring the tensile strength of the connection. The tensile strength of the joint depends on the tube and the tightening torque applied. The connector has no collar and allows the joining of tubes to other elements.

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