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Guaranteed safety of rail tracks

Guaranteed safety of rail tracks Guaranteeing the safety and stability of railway track when transporting passengers or goods is critical these days. The latest non-contact, laser-based profile measurement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are being used by several leading rail inspection companies around the world. Infotrans, for example, a leading supplier of inspection systems and services to Russia's sole railway network company 'Russichen Eisen Bahn' (REB) is using Micro-Epsilon sensors on a newly-developed wagon inspection system to measure and monitor for wear on the track. This ensures improved safety and reliability, but is helping the customer significantly reduce maintenance and downtime costs. Nine Micro-Epsilon ScanCONTROL 'LLT 2800-100 (205)' sensors are being used in the application. Chris Jones, managing director at Micro-Epsilon (UK) comments: "The sensor that Infotrans is using is designed for train speeds of between 120 and 130 kilometres per hour. Infotrans selected Micro-Epsilon sensors because we were willing and able to customise the product to suit the application. The standard sensor has a 15mW laser, but we increased this to 50mW for Infotrans. We also changed the focal distance of the sensor and the profile frequency from the standard 1kHz to 4kHz, which means Infotrans can measure up to 4,000 profiles per second." According to Jones, Infotrans was particularly impressed with the compact dimensions of the sensor, Micro-Epsilon's ability to modify the standard sensor to suit the application, and the interface from the sensor to the customer's PC-based measurement and data management system.

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