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Hands-free and contactless water and liquid dispenser ideas from Herga

Hands-free and contactless water and liquid dispenser ideas from Herga

Following COVID-19, hygiene and cleanliness has attained upmost importance in the workplace and all areas of our daily lives, and government and other advisory body information points toward a contactless environment wherever possible. Herga Technology produces a wide range of non-contacting and safe switching products that have proven use for various dispensing tasks for industrial, medical and domestic environments.

The following products and ideas are just a small selection of possible solutions that are being increasingly utilised by to help manufacturers and end-users maintain safe infection control in these challenging times.

Infrared sensor as a completely non-contacting switch solution: Herga produces Infrared switching devices that automatically detect motion and will close a relay or alternatively activate an electrical circuit with NPN configuration. The IR sensor is simply mounted on a panel (33 mm diameter hole), and with 12 to 30 V DC power connected, components such as pumps, solenoids, motors or lighting etc. can be operated with no other components required (as is the case for most IR switches available on the market).

A time-delayed IR sensor solution is available to avoid successive and multiple dispensing situations, providing maximum economic long term gains, These buttons are available in chrome-plated ABS or stainless steel, and anti-vandalism switches are particular suitable for installations with high and frequent use.

Foot operated safe solutions for water and other liquid dispensing equipment: As an example, adaptations for electrically triggered water fountains that already include a solenoid valve or a relay may include the addition of a standard electric foot pedal or a dual foot pedal assembly. The foot pedal would simply interact with the existing electrical system. Water is pumped when the foot pedal is pressed and stopped when released. A dual pedal arrangement will take care of refrigerated/normal temperature water delivery. The manual (hand operated) push button(s) could still be used if two systems are preferred (or the manual pushbuttons disabled if preferred). This system would not modify carbon or UV filtering.

The same equipment could also be adapted with an air-operated ‘bellows’ footswitch and a Herga air-switch or pressure switch interacting with the existing water dispenser’s electrical system.

The above solutions would be unsuitable for cylinder-type gravity fed water dispensers, although it is possible these systems could be modified with the addition of suitable solenoid actuated taps and the same foot-operated components covered.

The comprehensive Herga range offers a large choice of electrical footswitches in terms of aesthetics (shape of the pedal, colours, logo etc.) with the most common voltage for water fountains of 0.1 A and 24V DC available in many models. Higher current and alternative voltages are of course available and custom designs are available for volume quantities.


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