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Heavy duty steel cable carriers off the shelf

Heavy duty steel cable carriers off the shelf
Steel as a material for energy chains is still going strong, as many satisfied Kabelschlepp customers experience in daily operation. Highly rigid and sturdy, the ancestor of all cable chains remains to be first choice for many applications. Little known though, steel chains are maintenance free.

A steel chain is corrosion and UV resistant. With maximum durability due to material properties and specific design, steel chain withstands high mechanical stresses, high loads and long unsupported travels. These very capabilities make steel chain indispensable for use in tough environments. Kabelschlepp designs include chain bands and links with diverse geometries, amongst them an open stroke system with self-cleaning properties to reduce wear and to increase longevity. This also allows maintenance and lubrication free designs.

Further, Kabelschlepp steel carriers will withstand continuous temperatures of up to 600°C, and stainless variants can even master peak temperatures of 1,000°C. In the likes of steel mills, stainless steel chain fitted to material handling devices have been in operation for decades, without any failures. Plated steel carriers are used on forgery manipulators, having to manage temperatures as well as additional loads of 60-70kg/m. Some larger steel carriers can even bear cable and hose load weights in excess of 500kg/m over unsupported spans of several meters. Nor can hot chip or spark be of detriment to the functionality of a steel chain. Also, steel chains withstand chemicals and radiation.
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