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Heico make bolt security easier with new Wedge Lock Nut

Heico make bolt security easier with new Wedge Lock Nut

Hot on the back of the successful Heico-Lock wedge  locking washers, Heico-Fasteners will be launching their new Wedge-Locking Nut variant of this superior bolt securing product at Southern Manufacturing.

The Heico-Lock Wedge Lock Nut uses the proven locking ability of the original Heico-Lock  Washer combined with the ease of use of a flanged nut, creating a one piece fastener which provides the customer with ease of use, effective bolt security and a reduction of assembly time and effort all in one.

The Heico Wedge Lock nut is supplied pre-assembled with the nut and washer combined in a captive and rotary way and uses tension instead of friction to positively lock the bolt in place.

The proven Heico-Lock principle of wedge shaped cams on the inside of the washers and radial teeth on the outside results in increased clamping force being applied during periods of vibration or dynamic load.  

The external radial teeth embed into the mating surfaces when tightened while the internal cams react to any movement in the joint by moving across each other and as the height of these cams is greater than the pitch of the bolt thread, the increase in the height of these moving cams increases the clamping force on the joint, thus causing the bolt to self-lock.

The combined Heico-Lock washer and captivated nut provides a one piece design that eliminates the risk of misuse as the washer cannot be separated meaning it cannot be applied incorrectly. The one piece design also makes the wedge lock nut perfect for use in hard to reach locations. It also offers considerable reduction in assembly time and effort and is easy, safe and fast to use even for non-specialist users as well as being totally re-usable without any loss of function.

Paul Windsor, National Sales Manager for Heico Fasteners UK said of the wedge lock nut "We are really excited by the launch of this new product. The wedge lock nut provides real benefits to users and its one piece design makes it far easier and quicker to use than conventional separate nut and washer assemblies."

He added " We are also launching a wheel nut variant of the product which offers  a reliable solution to the problem of self-loosening of wheel nuts on both road going and rough terrain heavy vehicles. Both the wedge lock nut and wheel nut make perfect additions to the growing Heico-Lock family of bolt securing products."

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Bolt Security made easy with new Wedge Lock Nut from Heico

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