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HepcoMotion introduces a high performance driven track system

HepcoMotion introduces a high performance driven track system

HepcoMotion's DTS2 scroll driven track system has been developed from the successful original DTS system to cater for high speed applications with significantly larger driving forces. Typical uses would include high speed indexing applications for the rapid transfer of components within the packaging, automotive, food and special purpose machinery industries.

Carriages are linked together with individual lengths of timing belt and driven by a large scroll drive enabling them to maintain a constant speed at all times around the track.
The use of a scroll drive provides rapid indexing together with a superior positional accuracy without the need for the carriage-locking device as used on the DTS.

The scroll driven track system is available in three standard sizes: Small (25mm), Medium (44mm) and Large (76mm) based on Hepco's versatile PRT2 ring and track system.

Generally oval or rectangular in shape, this innovative solution can cater for a wide variety of load and speed conditions.

Some of the key benefits to the DTS2 include: consistent speed of carriages all around the track enables smooth continuous motion to be achieved without speeding up around the radial sections; DTS2 can carry higher loads with higher accelerations and decelerations enabling faster cycle times, leading to increased throughput and efficiency; DTS2 can drive up to 50 carriages with one scroll and the system can be driven using alternative methods for maximum flexibility.

The DTS2 system is modular and can be easily integrated into your design and can be supplied with a machine frame to help with installation.


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