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High quality engineering adhesives

High quality engineering adhesives

Permabond manufactures high quality engineering adhesives for potting and encapsulation of electrical components, bonding heat sinks, magnets/ferrites to rotors and housings for electric motors, electrical transformers components, sealing transformer laminates, coating coils, wire tacking and attaching electronic dies.

Permabond adhesives have been formulated to maximise strength and impact resistance, as well as optimise thermal conductivity and withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. Many products pass the UL94-V-0 flame retardancy testing and comply with class H thermal resistance requirements. Non-corrosive formulations are available for sensitive electronics.

Permabond has recently developed a range of thermally conductive adhesives including a Toughened Acrylic adhesive for applications such as bonding heat sink fins to transformers and a highly flexible Epoxy Hybrid.

In addition to electronics and electric motor applications Permabond provides adhesive solutions across industries as diverse as composites, filters, medical devices, heat exchangers, lighting, aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and maintenance and repair amongst many others.

Permabond has also recently expanded its toughened acrylic range of adhesives to include:

Polyelefin bonders -TA4605 and TA4610: Bond polyolefin materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and EPDM. Even untreated PTFE. Good environmental resistance. Ideal under water.

Low odour - TA452 and TA4522: Low odour structural bonding with rapid strength development. Ideal for workplaces where ventilation is difficult or staff are sensitive to smells.

Ultimate strength -TA4202: Popular pink/green structural bonder. Fast cure, high strength, structural performance.

Crystal clear - TA4204 and TA4205: Crystal clear, non-yellowing structural adhesives. Ideal for bonding clear plastics and other materials, where aesthetics are important.

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