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HMI operator interface brings sophisticated communication technology to industry

HMI operator interface brings sophisticated communication technology to industry

A family of operator interface touch screens launched by FUJI Electric bring sophisticated communication technology coupled with a price position that cannot be ignored.

The Technoshot series Human Machine Interface (HMI), available with a 7” & 10.2” wide screen format bright TFT liquid crystal display (LCD), provides the user with many cutting edge capabilities.

Firstly, let’s consider the communication features, a key aspect in today’s IIot (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions and drives innovation in every industry…

The remote connectivity features within these touch panels give potential for Remote Maintenance functionality allowing data in the Technoshot to be monitored & controlled from a remote location at low cost, thus reducing the need of the user to visit site to investigate system and machine faults.

In addition, the pass-through feature allows you to read & write directly to the connected PLC from your PC through both the Ethernet or USB connection.

There is the option for external data storage, such as a USB thumb drive, to be fitted to the operator interface which can be used to store recipes and log data. The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) function can then be used to upload from & download to the

HMI remotely, thus allowing new machine set up data to be sent directly to the remote machine or process system.

Finally, on the subject of communications, the HMI has a powerful 8-way communication specification providing the user with multiple drivers, running concurrently allowing the connection of many PLCs, VFDs and other peripheral products such as bar code readers and temperature controllers.

Of course, communication is important, but not the only differentiator with this TS1070S (7” wide screen) and TS1100S (10.2” wide screen) series of HMI. The display also enhances the user experience with its super bright, wide screen format, TFT LCD providing an easy-to-see screen with a high-resolution pixel count of 800 x 480 and high-speed response display.

As the world becomes a smaller place and the reach of the machine builder goes way beyond the shores of their domestic market, having multiple language support within the HMI is vital. With this in mind FUJI supports 16 compatible language fonts, which are often not support by their competitors. In addition to the obvious and most common fonts such as English and European, FUJI HMI also include Greek, Turkish and Baltic fonts.

Trend Sampling of various kinds of data is also possible, either time-based logging or event triggered, this data can be stored on the USB chronological and be displayed in a trend graph. In addition, an operation log ensures all actions, such as a button press or entering of data values can be logged. Thus, allowing the user to track the ‘who/when/what/how’ history and analyse the causes of malfunction or failure. Furthermore, this operation log is stored in binary file former, ensure data manipulation or falsification is not possible.

To further enhance the connectivity, a network camera can be displayed on the FUJI Technoshot via Ethernet , which enables further improved monitoring of production lines.

Over recent months, many success stories have been gathered for the Technoshot from applications within the food & packaging industry, food production irrigation systems and more environmentally and interesting solutions such as food and waste disposal and water purification with systems for reverse osmosis plant. Each application bringing with it the user justification for choosing the HMI series because of its relevant features.

Continuing on from the leading-edge capabilities of the Technoshot referred to in this article, we must not overlook the general product specification, so here goes…

The Operator interface multiple drivers for all the leading PLC and hardware manufacturers globally, boasts 3 serial and 1 ethernet communication port which empowers the leading communication functionality, 2 USB ports, real-time clock, 65K colours with bright LED backlight, IP65 (when used with the appropriate gasket), has a low power consumption of 16W at 24VDC. Then certification, the TS series are provided with CE, UL and cUL.


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