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Improved control on stepper motors used as brushless servos

Improved control on stepper motors used as brushless servos
Motion Control Products introduces the new AccuStep motion control technology from IMS, a revolutionary controller that, when applied to stepper motors, prevents the loss of synchronisation due to transient or continued overload, extreme acceleration or deceleration, or excessive slew speed. Because of this, it allows safe operation of a motor at its maximum torque curve. 

As a result, sizing a motor with a 25-50% torque margin is no longer required. This may also allow a smaller frame size or shorter stack length motor in some applications. AccuStep also enables a system to ride through known transient overloads, further eliminating the requirement for a larger motor. Furthermore, by enabling variable current control, motor heating and energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

There are two MDrive AccuStep product versions are available in the size of NEMA23 and NEMA34: one is 'Step, Torque, Speed' - AccuStep integrated with stepper motor, microstepping drive and internal encoder, featuring three AccuStep operating modes, step, torque and (as you might expect) speed. The other version is 'Motion Control' - AccuStep integrated with fully programmable motion controller, stepper motor, microstepping drive and internal encoder.

MDrive AccuStep systems offer clear advantages in a low cost package as an alternative where brushless technology is required, for a wide range of motion control applications such as point-to-point positioning, con-veyor control, webb hand-ling, drilling, and low end camming. With the addition of torque control, rotary and linear position-ing to torque specifications is also now possible.

The motor houses a 32-bit DSP controller which uses surface mount and hybrid technologies to increase product performance and reliability while reducing component size and keeping the cost low. This allows components to be more densely manufactured, resulting in a considerable reduction in the size of products. The integrated motors cuts down on machine wiring and installation and can be used in a host of environments.
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